Monday, December 23, 2019

Pastor: Thune part of 'Trump cult'

Republicans are not just domestic terrorists, Nazis and earth haters. According to Reverend Dan Brandt of Avon they're false prophets, too.
Billy Graham was a hero of mine. His son, Franklin, fell far from the tree. He has said those who oppose Mr. Trump are demonic. I am a disciple of Jesus who defeated sin, death and the devil. I oppose Franklin’s false god and I trust the Spirit to keep me focused on Jesus. John Thune and other “Trump Cult” were in Russia for a Fourth of July — and other Russia stories. When the Constitution is tossed and cult lawlessness is the rule, we’ve got trouble. For faith, beware of false prophets. For the country, go for certain truth to keep our democracy, freedom and Constitution.
Read it here.

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