Sunday, December 15, 2019

Foreign miners betting on collapse of US dollar

Part of a massive toxic slag pile below Deadwood sloughs into Whitewood Creek

The United States is in debt to the tune of $22 TRILLION and US consumer debt is north of $74 TRILLION so the US is encouraging mining companies from outside the country to drill more holes in the Earth looking for gold and silver.

South Dakota is no stranger to ecocide because it's a way of life in the chemical toilet. Under the General Mining Law of 1872 even foreign miners have carte blanche to rape the Black Hills, so they are. At least five transients want to poke the Black Hills but it's happening on the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico and throughout the Intermountain West.

While exploratory holes normally take millions of gallons of water they tend to have minimal impact on the Forest itself but the drillers usually sell their data to bigger miners like Barrick, a Canadian earth raper.
Representatives from several of those companies and other industry experts say the price of gold is a primary factor driving the renewed interest in exploratory drilling. After being below $1,400 per ounce for several years, the price of gold has been above that level for several months. [Rapid City Journal]
Brohm was an Australian company recruited by a now-dead Republican governor who gutted environmental protection in South Dakota. In the pre-cellphone days Brohm and this former Twin City Fruit marketing associate shared a radio telephone party line where managers plotting an environmental disaster at the Gilt Edge site unwittingly leaked the news to anyone listening. Photo is of acid mine drainage on Minnesota Ridge in the northern Black Hills.

Rochford area residents say Vancouver-based Mineral Mountain Resources destroyed Black Hills National Forest Service Road 184A during their drilling of some 7,500 acres in the Homestake Gold Belt on public lands and at a private site known as the Standby Mine Target. Wharf Resources has filed a Notice of Intent to do exploratory drilling in a new area close to its current strip mine and cyanide leach pads in the Northern Hills and Valentine Mining Company, LLC is resurrecting the zombie Deadwood Standard Project on the rim of Spearditch Canyon.
Without the discipline of the gold standard, governments print too much money for political purposes. When people do lose faith in the U.S Dollar, its value will plunge, the stock market will crash, and the U.S economy will collapse. [The Coming Collapse of the U.S. Economic System — Blame the U.S. Dollar]
Acknowledging there will always be acid mine drainage in the Black Hills the Republican-owned South Dakota Board of Minerals and Environment is dealing with still another devil who wants to strip the Gilt Edge Superfund site as the US Environmental Protection Agency becomes a tool of the extraction industry and the Trump Organization plots moving the Bureau of Land Management to Colorado.

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