Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Midwesterners emerge as the adults in the room

Bernie Sanders' wife kept him from being Hillary Clinton's veep choice and if Clinton had really wanted to win she'd have chosen Al Franken or Amy Klobuchar as her running mate instead of Tim Kaine.

Last night Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg emerged as the candidates who look like the most sensible Democrats to beat the Republican Party nominee.
The October Democratic presidential-primary debate finally brought a genuine surprise, in that a pair of second-tier candidates who were in danger of being forgotten woke up, smelled the coffee, and brought their A-games: Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg. [National Review]
My first choice for 2020 was Al Franken but Senator Amy Klobuchar supports the therapeutic cannabis laws in Minnesota and opposes federal interference with the state's authority to regulate the industry. Pete Buttigieg would make a tremendous Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense.

Klobuchar/Castro is still my dream ticket because Trump won’t be their nominee and Warren can’t win Super Tuesday. Liz comes off as a screechy old lady and our nominee needs be a sensible litigator with experience as a mom. As her veep choice Juli├ín Castro can deliver Texas for the Democratic Party.

Tim Walz will appoint Klobuchar’s replacement and winning Texas is within our reach. We need Liz Warren, Kamala Harris, Bernie and Booker in the Senate, Beto needs to run for Cornyn’s seat in Texas and Joe should write a book.

There is a growing movement among Democrats and others to fund Medicare for all but I like the idea of rolling the funding for Obamacare, TRICARE, Medicare, the Indian Health Service and the Veterans Affairs together then offering Medicaid for all by increasing the estate tax, raising taxes on tobacco and adopting a carbon tax.

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