Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Woster coopts kurtz concept

Wishy-washy dry drunk veteran reporter Kevin Woster has stolen a kurtz concept.
And if those re-registered Democrats show up at GOP conventions and other functions, pay their dues in money and service, are they not really Republicans with all the rights and influence and standing the name implies? I think so. [Woster]
To divide Republicans in my home state this interested party has been herding fellow Democrats into the SDGOP since at least 2012 but here is a quote from 2014:
Cory, unless Dems can recruit people to run in primaries registering anything other than earth hater is ridiculous. Eliminate primaries and nominate candidates at conventions: Montana, too. [kurtz]
And from 2015:
Every South Dakota Democrat not holding office, isn’t a candidate or a delegate should be registered as a Republican. [kurtz]
Unlike Woster i have evolved.

How frustrating it must be for principled conservatives to have establishment Republicans in the South Dakota legislature encouraging intellectual diversity on campus while ridiculing and stifling it in the statehouse. Little of their agenda was passed during the 2019 legislative session so the extreme white wing of that party in South Dakota really has nothing to lose by leaving the SDGOP for a viable third party.

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