Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Rapid City loser tells South Dakota Democrats how to win

Mike Sanborn began The Decorum Forum in 2009 which enjoyed a significant following for several years. Other local notables, Bill Fleming, a Democrat and Bob Newland, a Libertarian have been authors there. Sanborn is a member of the South Dakota Nazi Party and is responsible for some of the most sexist and misogynistic Deadwood and Sturgis Rally billboards littering I-90. A perennial loser, Sanborn was destroyed in Rapid City's 2015 Ward 3 runoff election that kept incumbent Jerry Wright on the City Council.
In all of Middle America, South Dakota stands out as the reddest of the red states. If Democrats are to heal their self-inflected wounds they must return to the Blue Dog sensibilities of a Herseth Sandlin. [Sanborn, Black Hills Pioneer]
It's important to remember Rep. Sandlin's reelection bid was sabotaged by a member of her own political party who threatened to run against her in the primary because she believed she was representing the majority of South Dakotans. Sam Hurst wrote a viral postmortem of her tenure: a sobering reminder of how Democrats lost the word war in the state. Hurst's Dakota Day piece about the defeat of the incumbent Sandlin to Kristi Noem defined the choice of the South Dakota Democratic Party to enable Dr. Kevin Weiland to mount a primary run against Sandlin instead of a general election run against the unopposed John Thune who now has an untapped $14+ million war chest.

In 2014 it was difficult to imagine a more formidable ticket for South Dakota Democrats had Susan Wismer picked Rep. Herseth Sandlin to run for Lt. Governor from her position as legal counsel for Raven Industries in Sioux Falls and not have to live in horrible Pierre.

Yes, it’s impossible for me to imagine either Stephanie or Max Sandlin living in a fetid pond like Pierre and if SHS has learned anything it’s that she’s over getting into any election where she could lose although her campaign would have nothing to lose by exposing Mike Rounds for the political opportunist he is.

Heather Wilson succeeded in hiding most of her nefarious past in New Mexico by becoming a president of the School of Mines and then Secretary of the Air Force under a career criminal like Donald Trump so SHS keeping her light warm under the bushel at Augustana is likely the safest place for her, too.

Democrats in blue states already understand the added value of talking legal cannabis during their campaigns and some red state Democrats get it, too; but so far South Dakota Democrats believe the state party is just too fragile for cannabis rights.

The Democratic Parties in Montana and New Mexico are already formulating tactics and raising money so that we can recover. Minnehaha County is going to step up and own the South Dakota Democratic Party if county chairs don't fire up their delegates to go to the goddamned convention. If candidates want support from the party they should know what the platform is and not announce a run expecting the party to back them, especially if they don't attend the convention. The platform is crafted at the convention by delegates who are frustrated that candidates like Billie Sutton, Joe Lowe and Tim Bjorkman completely ignored what the party stands for.

Unless your Social Security pays your property taxes like it does for Sanborn you’re just another greasy, grimy grudznick groveling in the gore and grinding out every greenback you can grab. Yet, the Republican Party is gleefully and forcefully driving talent away to replace the workforce with a hateful dumbed down murder of Trumpian crows.

South Dakota Democrats need to run on a corporate income tax, ending video lootery, reducing the number of South Dakota counties to 25, turning Dakota State and/or Northern State University into community colleges, and adopting my cannabis template.

Yes, longtime blog troll grudznick is Mike Sanborn.


  1. 2014 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Susan Wismer: “You can't fix 40 years of neglect of education with one year of putting half the money into the education system than we ought to.” Sioux Falls Argus Leader

  2. "

    Every year we (SD Legislature-+ Pierre) mess around with the code section (change the law) that defines the index factor and target teacher salary to make it be what we can spare for the current year. The code reference is 13-13-10.1, and the bill in the 2019 session was SB 179. There are no qualms whatsoever about whether or not what we’re doing is “keeping our promise” to K-12. I’ll go into politician mode here:

    If Governor Noem really understood the economics of South Dakota, if she took her role as steward of our state government seriously, she would be advocating for revenue to replace the $30 million of internet access sales tax that she voted to take away from the state budget, (as a Congresswoman) rather than gloating about a tax cut. Putting those dollars to work investing in our kids and assuring public safety at the level of basic service and efficiency that our state does is a much more efficient investment than a $6.00 a month (or whatever it is) reduction in your monthly internet bill.

    To ignore the continuing failures of our “well-run state” that “lives within its means” and the misery and costs to our future that they inflict upon our K-12 & public college students, deaf kids, highway workers, nursing homes, disabled citizens, and your small town hospital that is struggling to stay open is callous, uninformed, and an irresponsible position for a leader to take." -- blog comment, Susan Wismer.


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