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Volesky, Democrats moving to stem Native American genocide in South Dakota

South Dakota's school to prison pipeline began in 1983 when Republican Governor Bill Janklow concocted a plan to convert the University of South Dakota at Springfield into a prison. Then the state killed Gina Score in a boot camp, ended environmental protection and accelerated the red moocher state's descent into the hellish chemical toilet it is today.

Now, Corrections Department Secretary Denny Kaemingk says South Dakota's jails and prisons are full, the numbers continue to rise, the population "hit a new benchmark" and are especially evident in the women’s prison. Policing for Profit has allowed the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to provide military armaments for the law enforcement industry throughout South Dakota.
“We’re making progress, we feel, and it doesn’t cost the taxpayers one penny,” Huron attorney Ron Volesky said Thursday. Speaking at the District 22 Democratic Forum, the former state senator said “Fathers Against Meth” has been followed by a “Mothers Against Meth” organization and, after a rally at the women’s prison in Pierre, by a nonprofit group called “Sobriety is Sacred” (SIS). “Several years ago, we were talking about 500 or 600 arrests a year for meth, and now we see we’re over 4,000 I would think,” Volesky said. “I know last year we had 3,600 statewide. “What do we do? We must not give up,” he said. “We must fight this cruel addiction.” There are no drug courts in Indian country, he said. Halfway houses are needed, as are more foster homes. [Attorney assists inmates battle against meth]
The tribal nations trapped in South Dakota are the victims of white motorcycle gangs and meth is just another tool of genocide. One reason that Republicans don't like Common Core history standards is that the curriculum includes the near-extermination of American Indians by European colonialism long-ignored by textbooks.
Frank Waln is a rapper and member of the Sicangu Lakota. He has rapped about the Keystone XL Pipeline, his battle with depression, and the modern Native American experience. Waln joins Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson to talk about his new album, Tokiya, which comes out this year, and his efforts to be a role model for young Native Americans. “This album Tokiya is a very personal album,” Waln said. “A lot of it is telling the story of how I’m trying to deal and heal from the historical trauma that has been dealt to me through my ancestors and through being a survivor of genocide.” [WBUR's Here and Now]
Waln has appeared on a Native America Calling broadcast on University of New Mexico-based KUNM. He is a thoughtful and exciting role model for young American Indians. KILI in Porcupine also airs the live call-in program and many who comment are from tribal nations trapped in South Dakota. Waln joined Neil Young and Willie Nelson for an anti-KeystoneXL concert in Nebraska. Tribal nations are leading resistance to the Dakota Access ecocide/land grab.

More about genocide visited upon American Indians linked at NPR's Code Switch.

That South Dakota Republicans prop up illegal drug use and project an ethics black hole while ignoring a potential revenue source is just more evidence of red state collapse. At their state convention the SDGOP adopted a platform that punishes people seeking relief from intractable pain and suffering so suspected incel Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg wants to build prisons to warehouse meth addicts and the mentally ill.

Most, if not all, meth in South Dakota is trafficked by white Trump-worshiping motorcycle gangs. These hordes are essentially domestic terrorists operating with the blessings of the prison/industrial complex. The Sons of Silence, Bandidos and Hells Angels control organized crime in the Black Hills area where members have infiltrated nearly every community even operating Rapid City's Cornerstone Rescue Mission for a time as a front for their activities. Former Cornerstone director, Dan Island, build a Lawrence County mansion and together with his brother Frank built a cocaine and meth empire before their deaths. The Bandidos have had a fortified compound in Rapid Valley and the Hells Angels who own many properties in the area also built the the Cottonwood Lodge in Spearditch.

South Dakota's experiment with a GOP-dominated congressional delegation and Statehouse has failed so many generations that to some suicide looks like the only way out of lives twisted by a special brand of torture.
This is not about just a legal ruling in the latest round of battling over the state's violation of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). This is about the halting of genocide in America. South Dakota has been committing blatant genocide against the Sioux people in violation of subsection (e) by transferring Indian children to white homes, and also of subsection (b) amid allegations of sexual abuse and drugging of Native children in DSS foster care. This is one version of what the world has come to know as ethnic cleansing. [Albert Bender]
The Lakota People's Law Project is seeking funding for foster families and homes after SD Department of Social Services employees in Rapid City committed abuses of the Indian Child Welfare Act. The state seizes about 750 American Indian kids every year reaping nearly a billion federal dollars since ICWA was enacted.
South Dakota Supreme Court Justice David Gilbertson, speaking at the Mitchell Rotary Club's meeting at the Ramada Inn, said the cost savings and reduced recidivism rates among targeted offenders has allowed the the state's system to continue working. Gilbertson noted there are 450 individuals in the state's drug and alcohol court programs, and 1,244 children under their parents' care. Instead of the state Department of Social Services providing for those children because their parents are in jail — at the estimated cost of $10,000 per year — those children are cared for by their working parents, who are also working to address their drug or alcohol addictions. [Mitchell Daily Republic]
Gilbertson is South Dakota's ranking Democrat.

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