Friday, June 7, 2019

Hometown judge slows Flandreau tribe's industrial cannabis buzz

Despite the "threat of irreparable harm" Federal Judge and Flandreau native Karen Schreier has denied a motion by the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe to begin growing industrial cannabis (hemp).

Recall President Tony Reider and officials of the Flandreau Santee Sioux Nation advanced an adults-only cannabis initiative after an Iowa casino on the border cut into the tribe's gaming business but even Iowa's Republican governor signed a therapeutic cannabis bill into law. South Dakota's Republican governor believes the state is too stupid to grow cannabis - industrial or otherwise.

Flandreau has long suffered a history of racism and a crooked law enforcement industry.

The Dakota Progressive believes the road to legal cannabis for all adults in South Dakota is paved with hemp and that tribal nations trapped in my home state should be the primary beneficiaries of industry growth there.

Observers are about to see whether Governor Noem will actually try to crush the industry when South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg sues US Attorney for the District of South Dakota Ron Parsons if grow/ops on the reservation are allowed to survive.
The tribe must now wait until the case concludes or until the [US Department of Agriculture] approves the tribe's proposed hemp production plan. [KSFY teevee]
Read the court ruling here.

But despite Schreier's ruling industrial cannabis is apparently still being cultivated on the Pine Ridge Reservation risking spread into native grasslands.


  1. "I had the White Plume hemp labbed at Bontanacor in Denver last Friday. Expectedly and thankfully, it is at 0.00% THC. However, the CBD content is a dismal .10%, WAY to low for commercial CBD production. So the statement that he is ‘planting hemp already sprouted” means he is planting high CBD clones he received from business partners Evo Hemp in Boulder. When non-agriculturalist showboating poverty porn star Alex White Plume gets those all mixed into the existing feral hemp, all of it will go too “hot” in THC content. Good job in continuing to ruin everything Alex, and give Pine Ridge away to the Jooz. He aborted a daughter named Sovereignty." -- Matt Rankin
    2019-06-10 at 06:43

  2. "

    “jerry” is Alex White Plume. Jesus Alex. Your hitmen and lawyers make up 95% of that SD population, when they bother to fly in. Stop being a simultaneous Palestinian/Israel supporter before it causes schizophrenia. Mike from Iowa- CBD crops are purely for CBD, the stalks and hurd are commercially not acceptable for fiber products, etc. because they are too much like marijuana structurally. CBD “hemp” is de-tuned marijuana.

    It pleases me to no end to receive my new title. Since you are concerned “jerry”, ask Alex’s attorney David Frankel about the threat he made on my life in Alex’s kitchen, over hemp, in witness of Alex’s other attorney Bruce Ellison and Alex himself. Ask Alex how he split the room and locked himself in his bedroom, warrior style. Ask Bruce how he went and hid in his car with the stereo all the way up. “Yes your honor, I was jamming out, and I didn’t her that death threat”. Shouldn’t be too difficult to ask, “jerry”. Matt makes the Syrian Sioux very angry everyone, should I turn up in a culvert somewhere.

    What’s sad is this means that to have a successful CBD crop, they will have to eradicate all the existing feral hemp at Alex’s to not ruin the new CBD plants, after all those years we fought for the existing hemp. (Feral male pollen cannot be in the air or it will seed and ruin the CBD crop). Chew on that a while. And give up your name if you want to step up to the plate with me." --
    Matt Rankin
    2019-06-10 at 10:43

  3. "If you read the full article that this content is taken from, he states that he is growing clones because “it has been too wet this year” for a regular hemp crop. This is an outright LIE, to cover the switch to CBD growing pressured on him by his business partners. Wow, the Lakota taught me there isn’t a Hell, but I think they might be building one for somebody special. Just when my forehead wasn’t red anymore from slapping it." -- Matt Rankin.


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