Saturday, May 25, 2019

South Dakota law enforcement industry out of control

I've been accused of hating America and the facts show people are exactly 1/50th correct. South Dakota is a shit hole state. Some white Republican asshole complained to the cops that Staple and Spice Market was selling a product with .03% THC - .03%! South Dakota is lost, people. There’s no one to save you. Unless your Social Security pays your property taxes you’re just another poor grudznick eking out a living in a chemical toilet bleeding out every penny you can scrabble.


  1. They should be leaving CBD oil alone and heading to the doctors offices and hospitals and confiscating all the opiates, but instead they allow BigPharma to be deadly drug pushers and punish those who want to use safer and more effective alternatives. All because the cabal needs to push forward towards NWO

    1. They should but South Dakota isn't normal. It's a repressive police state run by a christofascist junta installed by those very same Big Pharma drug pushers and alcohol enablers. How could it be repaired, Erica?

  2. It wont be until the Swamp Is Drained. Deep State needs to go. The process has already begun, but it won't be an overnight event.

    And who would have thought that the little 'ole state of South Dakota would be so DEEP in corruption?


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