Wednesday, May 15, 2019

SDGOP chair buys off West River conservative

Remember this?
In South Dakota, the Constitution Party is going to be the Tea Party on steroids. It is the worst nightmare of the Party bosses who have had a strangle-hold on their respective parties. [Gordon Howie]
Well, that's all over now.
Instead of creating Third Parties, effort should be given to creating a powerful caucus that supports the platform principles… WITHIN the Republican Party. [also Gordon Howie]
$20 says SDGOP mob boss Dan Lederman is on the phone every day offering money and bribes to every potential principled conservative candidate in South Dakota but it's become abundantly clear Gordon Howie has no principles.
Former state senator and gubernatorial candidate Gordon Howie plans to auction 2,500 acres, or about half of his Pennington County ranch, on May 17 to pay off his mortgage debt and back property taxes on several dozen area properties. In the spring of 2010, when he ran for governor, it was estimated Howie owed the county $60,000 in property taxes on more than 40 properties. “The negative press I’ve gotten from the Journal has people thinking I’m some sort of tax-evading derelict. [Rapid City Journal]
Yep, he's up to his tits.

The BigHorn Canyon Ministries? That's the shell group masquerading as a religious organization Howie founded to dodge taxes. And the family ranch? Stolen from tribes.

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