Friday, May 10, 2019

Flandreau native will celebrate twenty years on federal bench

Thank you, Nino Scalia, for reminding us why Democrats need to control the federal bench.
Flandreau native Karen Schreier has the distinction of being the first female judge appointed by a president to serve in South Dakota. After nearly 20 years working in that spot as a U.S. District Judge for the District of South Dakota, she retains the distinction of being the only one. This summer will mark her 20th year on the bench after being appointed in 1999 by President Bill Clinton. Schreier graduated from Flandreau High School in 1974 and earned her undergraduate degree in 1978 from Saint Louis University. Schreier, 62, initially was recommended by former Sen. Tom Daschle to be the U.S. Attorney. Schreier knows Daschle well and had been co-chair of the Clinton-Gore campaign in South Dakota. A federal judgeship appointment is a job for life, and Schreier can stay in the position as long as she chooses. She has no plans to change what she’s doing. [Moody County Enterprise]
In 2015 Schreier's ruling overturned South Dakota's 1996 ban and 2006 constitutional amendment threatening marriage equality after six couples filed a lawsuit challenge.

After a cult known for watershed decimation installed tile to drain four federally-protected wetlands the US Fish and Wildlife Service filed suit in 2014 and in 2016 Schreier issued an order requiring the Mayfield Hutterite Colony to restore that part of the Prairie Pothole Region.

Democrats have to retake all three branches of the federal government, drive the buyouts of the welfare ranchers who occupy the Mountain West and High Plains then offer tribal nations reparations through land repatriation.

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