Thursday, July 19, 2018

King, Lederman high on pink slime?

Steve King and Dan Lederman make pink slime look um um good.
I found myself looking at my own personal ledger. And what I found, was that I owe a debt for many things. I am so far in the red, I need to start paying that tremendous debt back. Because these are debts I owe to my family for their love and support over the years. [Dan Lederman]
Sleaze and crime built Dan's business. He spent $50,000 to buy a seat in the legislature flaunting the same class by throwing it away resigning after the 2015 session then forcing his way into the chair of South Dakota's earth hater party.
When a HuffPost reporter on Capitol Hill Tuesday asked King about his retweet of a neo-Nazi, the congressman said all of his tweets are “true and objective.” On Wednesday, when the same reporter asked King if he is a white supremacist or a white nationalist, the congressman didn’t deny the allegation. ZoĆ© Samudzi, co-author of the book As Black As Resistance, says King is a white nationalist and sees a couple possible explanations for why the GOP is so quiet about King. Republicans, she told HuffPost, either see King as “a problem and are too afraid of bucking party convention” to denounce him. Or “they’re similarly invested in the politics that he holds.” [Steve King Is A White Supremacist, And The GOP Doesn’t Care]
It's no secret The Dakota Progressive would like to see Israel rolled back to 1917 borders and its Jewish inhabitants moved to Utah or Nevada; but Dan Lederman is a Zionist and a Jewish activist. That he chums around with Steve King says far more about Lederman than it does about King.

A judge appointed by Republican South Dakota Governor Denny Daugaard heard the case brought against ABC News for its role in dubbing so-called lean, finely textured beef "pink slime."

Dakota Dunes-based Beef Products says it was forced to close three of its four plants and erase hundreds of jobs after consumers realized what is in the crap. Using ammonia to reduce bacteria BPI had a processing plant in Iowa but moved its headquarters to South Dakota to take advantage of the state's regressive tax structure. According to court documents released to the Associated Press the slaughter house was in the business clique that raised concerns about a state official GOP Iowa Governor Terry Branstad tried to force from office. Branstad was then picked by the corrupt Trump White House to replace Montana's Max Baucus as Ambassador to China. BPI donates generously to Republican candidates like King and to South Dakota's GOP delegation.

King believes the Supreme Court of the United States has no authority to rule on marriage equality, routinely waxes poetic about his white supremacist proclivities and makes pink slime look pure...mostly. Iowa deserves King: he is one of the least effective members of Congress and suffers some of the lowest approval ratings in the US.

China needs trade with the United States like South Dakota needs meth. It is mystifying why she would buy agricultural and meat products knowing it's all contaminated with atrazine, neonicotinoids, glyphosate, antibiotics like agrimicin 200, bovine somatotropin (bST) and pathogenic agents that lead to prion diseases.

Great hunt with Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Steve King

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