Sunday, July 8, 2018

Aanning: South Dakota still covering up Folkens' wrongful death

Republican South Dakota State Senator Stace Nelson describes his experience trying to track down documents in Brady Folkens' wrongful death as being fraught with "BS excuses and obfuscation."
Take home points: Death certificates of patients who die from mistakes, errors, or accidents by physicians or hospitals almost never reveal that sad fact - and that their dying from complications was largely preventable. Example: when seventeen-year old Brady Folkens suddenly died on December 21, 2013, while in a South Dakota juvenile detention facility, the pathologist listed the cause of death as coming from a virus, despite multiple tests showing Brady never had a virus infection. We believe the state authorities pressured the pathologist to produce a Death Certificate covering up the medical negligence causing Brady Folkens' death... [Dr. Lars Aanning]
The State of South Dakota and Sioux Valley Hospital split the burden of a $1.25 Million settlement after the death of Gina Score.

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