Monday, June 18, 2018

Sutton, Wismer hope to lift South Dakota from 'dark ages'

Democratic hopeful for South Dakota governor, Billie Sutton, has agreed with a fellow state legislator.
"We have to get out of the dark ages as it relates to transparency and accountability in government." [KSFY teevee]
Former South Dakota Democratic gubernatorial nominee Susan Wismer acknowledged the risk of earth haters holding supermajorities in the Legislature and has also warned the state is living in the "dark ages."
“Running as a woman carries a special responsibility,” Wismer said. “Because women assume that you are going to work in their interests. When I see a woman running for office who I feel is not working in the best interest of women, I get really disappointed. We can’t just use our position on the ballot as a woman to get elected, we have to use it to work for our families.” She recently won the Democratic primary for District 1’s Senate seat and is unopposed in the general election. [Watertown Public Opinion]
Wismer has called out Kristi Noem for being a spoiled brat.
But what really gets my goat is this whole “death tax” conspiracy. Rep. Kristi Noem's old family story is outdated, misleading, and abusive considering how the current law has evolved. I’m impressed that Sen. Rounds had the decency and bravery to say out loud that complete repeal of the tax is NOT smart policy. Once more…unless you are worth more than $5 million ($10 million if you’re married) ($20 million or more if you want to pass on an ACTIVE trade or business to family)…and have done ZERO planning, you won’t owe a penny in estate tax. [Facebook post]
Like Donald Trump Kristi IS a pathological liar. Only twenty GOP donors in South Dakota would benefit from the repeal of the estate tax.

Wismer is concerned Republicans have abandoned nursing homes and quality of education in small towns, too. South Dakota is graying fast and nursing beds represent economic development. The Janklow-owned Riverside Manor in Flandreau is overwhelmingly staffed by Filipinos and Filipinas as are most facilities for the elderly in South Dakota.

Democrats aren't going to return to my home state to be repressed, oppressed and depressed: South Dakota is doomed to be a shithole for Republicans forever.

The real story is that the conservative, christianist Libertarian Party nominee Kurt Evans will pull 6% of Republican voters and the Constitution Party nominee could pull 6% of Republican voters then Billie Sutton will win.

Thoughts? Prayers?

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