Sunday, June 24, 2018

South Dakota Democrats get breaks; Evans pulling 13% of SDGOP voters

Conservative christianist Libertarian Party nominee Kurt Evans could be a major spoiler for Kristi Noem's earth hater party in November.

In a newspaper poll being conducted by the Yankton Press & Dakotan Evans is pulling over 13 percent of Republican voters while Billie Sutton is beating Krusti Kristi Noem. Evans joined the LP after he left the Constitution Party which is poised to nominate a conservative white supremacist giving Democrat Billie Sutton the win in November.

Democratic attorney general candidate Randy Seiler just got a huge break in that race after the earth haters nominated judicial neophyte Jason Ravnsborg. A source inside the Constitution Party expects a big name to announce for the US House and a third candidate will announce for the gubernatorial race on Monday. They’re hoping former Republican attorney general candidate John Fitzgerald will defect and run for the CP nomination. Janette McIntyre defected from SDGOP.

With the petitions filed for an unaffiliated candidate, a Libertarian and the Constitution Party expected to field a contender South Dakota's lone US House seat is no longer safe Republican.

Having principled conservatives running outside the South Dakota Republican Party and eroding support for Noem, Howdy Doody Dusty Johnson and short, fat, white guy Ravnsborg the earth haters will lose every seat at the top of the November ticket!

Find the Press & Dakotan poll here.

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