Saturday, June 30, 2018

Sherry Bea makes it official for District 31 senate

Lead girl Sherry Bea Smith has been on the South Dakota Secretary of State's candidate list for some time now running for the District 31 senate seat currently being warmed by Blob Bob Ewing.

She and her husband Dennis are personal friends of The Dakota Progressive. When she was Chief Operating Officer for Rapid City Regional's hospital in Deadwood I contracted the drywall finish and paint at the couple's home outside Nemo during the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. She has served the Lawrence County Democratic Party in several capacities and on the board of the Homestake Opera House. I contracted some improvements there in 2005.
She points to the importance of education and a trained work force with wages and jobs to stop the migration of South Dakota’s bright and skilled residents to other states. “We all understand how special life is in South Dakota and especially the Black Hills,” Smith said in a news release, “and the leaders of our state should be working to make quality of life a priority, ensuring a healthy, productive society and open government that will drive economic growth and stability.” [Rapid City Journal]
Donate to her efforts here.

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