Monday, June 25, 2018

Poor ag practices driving East River drought

Lame duck Denny Daugaard's legacy is making South Dakota a perpetual welfare state and permanent disaster.

Geddes area welfare farmer Mark Sip has taken nearly $120,000 from the feds just for instance.
Abnormally dry conditions have expanded well south of Interstate 90 East River. D-1, Moderate drought now extends through all of Beadle County and into parts of Hand, Jerauld, Sanborn and Kingsbury Counties. D-2 Severe drought has taken over in parts of Brown, Spink, Faulk, Edmunds, Day and Clark Counties. In central South Dakota, abnormally dry conditions are found in eastern Hughes, Sully and Potter Counties, all of Hyde and most of Hand, Buffalo and Brule Counties. [KCCR]
Poor ag practices like tiling have made soils unable to absorb rainfall creating toxic runoff and flooding.

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