Friday, June 1, 2018

New Rapid City arena just another SDGOP pork producer

Tomi Lahren is just one of most graduates who flee Rapid City the first chance they get.

Six month winters, rampant racism, chilling effects on civil rights and an extremist legislature are par for the course for most Rapid Citians. Despite extensive hype from South Dakota's First Lady child obesity and infant mortality rates have risen again in South Dakota yet Sanford, Avera and Rapid City Regional enjoy virtual medical industry monopolies in their markets making South Dakota the most lucrative state to practice medicine. Rapid City Regional is West River's largest employer.

Jim Scull is often the first respondent at Mayor Steve Allender's personal blog where he touts an imagined construction of a new arena. Jim and Mary Scull are Future Fund recipients; also, they have given at least many thousands to help reelect South Dakota's current Republican governor. J. Scull Construction Services has enjoyed years of tribal contracts mostly funded by the US Department of Education. Allender, who as police chief managed a "bunch of racists," is facing tremendous resistance for another building boondoggle.

Principled conservatives are fighting back against the South Dakota Republican Party insiders in Rapid City. The City is raising water and sewer rates except for Republicans whose properties are worth less than $188,240.34. A splinter group turned in over 2,800 signatures in opposition to the proposed rate increase.

On Trump Organization orders bombers from Ellsworth Air Force Base are targeting alleged Taliban drug facilities to prevent harm to "innocent Afghan civilians" while escalating his war on civilians. Someone seeking retaliation could roll a truck bomb into RC Central or SF Lincoln High School after an Ellsworth-based drone pilot or some jock from the 114th Fighter Wing targets a wedding party or religious service.

The rise of companies like Amazon suggests many people are simply too afraid to go into town to shop let alone be packed into a soft target like an arena.

According to a 2017 Georgetown University study a good job is one that pays at least $35,000 annually for those under 45 and at least $45,000 annually for workers 45 and older. Rapid City's average age is 36.4.
From 2015 to 2016, median household income in Sioux Falls rose to $63,931 — a 5.5% increase. The Rapid City metro area, in contrast, experienced a substantial 4.6% decline in median household income, falling to $51,097. [South Dakota Dashboard]
West River is graying fast. Nearby Custer County, which was also the state’s oldest county in 2016, had the lowest percentage of children in the state at 15.9 percent.

South Dakota is a perpetual welfare state and permanent disaster area. The state is second in addiction to gambling and teachers' salaries surf the bottom of the US. Wage slavery is the state's biggest claim to fame and South Dakota dairies are wreaking habitat havoc. Infrastructure is crumbling and the state's bureaucracy is overbearing and unwieldy. Ag groups want federally subsidized crop insurance and the right to pollute. Corruption and graft have become ordinary. Black Hills Energy just moved into a $70 million facility in Rapid City financed mainly on the backs of subscribers without choices. Hatred of immigrants threatens the state's already hurting tourism economy.

It's probably safe to say residents spend nearly as much in Denver for entertainment than they do in Rapid City.

Why residents should reward cronies and pay to build another venue just for Jim Scull, the Stock Show, the Lakota Nation Invitational and a failed hockey team remains a mystery.

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