Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Former priest joins earth hater donnybrook in Wyoming

In 2012 Wyoming Public Media's News Director Bob Beck began an interview with Senator John Bare Asso (earth hater-WY) asking the question, "Senator, why do you hate the environment?"

Now, Charlie Hardy is one of five candidates who have joined the earth hater party to fill the primary field in a race to unseat Wyoming's junior US Senator.
Hardy, a former Catholic priest and substitute teacher in Cheyenne, is making his fourth run for Congress since his first campaign in 2012. In looking at the Republican Party’s 1956 platform, Hardy said he believes it simultaneously embodies the values of being socially progressive and fiscally conservative. That platform included expanding Social Security, broadening coverage and unemployment insurance, better housing and health protection. [Wyoming Tribune Eagle]
Gary Trauner of Wilson is the lone Democratic gubernatorial candidate and will face the winner of the earth hater primary in the November general election.

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