Saturday, June 16, 2018

Daugaard digs disasters

It's like the christian god hates South Dakota.
Gov. Dennis Daugaard has requested a Presidential Disaster Declaration to help three northern South Dakota counties recover from spring flooding that did more than $3.1 million in damage to public property. Gov. Daugaard stated in his letter that the state has responded to seven previous Presidential Disaster Declarations since 2013. The Governor said the state still is working through the recovery process from four of those disasters with FEMA. [KELO]
Like wipin' yer ass with a hula hoop: it's endless.

South Dakota truly is a perpetual welfare state and a permanent disaster area. Daugaard and the state's entire earth hater congressional delegation just snubbed the Trump Organization's US Environmental Prostitution Agency administrator yet Denny has the balls to ask for a handout from a dictator.

In South Dakota conservative means fucking up the planet then billing the other guy for it. Evangelicals like Denny Daugaard don't believe the climate scientists warning humanity about rising oceans because scripture says their god won't flood the Earth like "He" did in Noah's time.

Your thoughts?

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