Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hickey backs Tatewin Means for SDAG

The author of The Dakota Progressive attended South Dakota State University with Peggy Phelps: third wife of the late American Indian activist Russell Means and Tatewin Means' mother.

Means has challenged Randy Seiler for the Democratic nomination for attorney general. She is Deputy State’s Attorney of Oglala Lakota County and Graduate Studies chair at Oglala Lakota College.
Dear Democrats, Please nominate Tatewin Means for AG. Probably not a great chance of a general election win but I’d sure support her loudly. No one on the GOP side cares about the things we should be caring about. This would be a welcome change in the right direction. [blog comment, Steve Hickey]
Hickey has condemned SDGOP for its historic failures on American Indian issues.

Principled conservatives in the Libertarian and Constitution Parties have yet to nominate candidates for SDAG. Lance Russell is the presumed earth hater nominee.

According to one observer Randy Seiler blew off the investigation of the beating death of Adolf Plenty Horses in Winner.

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