Sunday, April 15, 2018

Conservatives blasting South Dakota e-tax proposal

Earth hater gubernatorial hopeful Marty Jackley is defending a South Dakota law requiring e-retailers to pay state sales taxes currently forbidden under an ironclad Supreme Court precedent.
South Dakota has enacted a law contradicting a 26-year-old court decision concerning interstate commerce, and a law Congress passed and extended ten times. The state wants to tax purchases that are made online from vendors that have no physical presence in the state. South Dakota wants to increase its revenue and mollify its Main Street merchants. On Tuesday, the court will hear oral arguments for and against South Dakota's response to the greatest disruption of retailing since the Sears, Roebuck catalog, more about which anon. South Dakota's impertinent law reflects this fact: Governments often are reflexively reactionary when new technologies discomfort established interests with which the political class has comfortable relations of mutual support.
Read George Will's scathing essay here.

Wayfair has pulled its adverts from Laura Ingraham's hate-filled teevee show.

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