Sunday, April 22, 2018

Abernathey not legitimate LP gubernatorial candidate

As expected, pedantic porker Pat Powers is painting Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate CJ Abernathey as a lunatic pot head; and, because of his lurid Alt-Right bent and over the top agitprop the LP offering would pull more Republican earth hater voters than Democratic.

But, Abernathey is not the legitimate candidate because he didn't get a majority of votes. The South Dakota LP is having another convention on 9 June at Pierre to fix their roster.

In Montana Libertarians have historically taken five votes from earth haters to three Democratic. Abernathey is no threat to Democrat Billie Sutton and if principled conservatives have enough signatures to get on the 2018 ballot as a third party or unaffiliated candidates Sutton could pull off a squeaker.

The more The Dakota Progressive condemns Abernathey the more attractive he will become to Marty Jackley's voters but the harder Cory Heidelberger at Dakota "Free Press" tackles him the more it makes his campaign less attractive to Billie Sutton's voters. If TDP supports the LP candidate Sutton loses for sure.

A combination of unaffiliated, Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates will round to put a deep hurt on the South Dakota Republicans for years to come.

Bring it on.

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