Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bjorkman spox: South Dakota too fragile for legal cannabis

The Dakota Progressive reached out to Tim Bjorkman's campaign for his road map to legal cannabis.

His views on cannabis as therapy differ only slightly from the kurtz template but his opinion of cannabis rights are archaic and completely out of step with the vast majority of Democrats even in South Dakota. Also missing in his spokesperson's response is whether tribal nations trapped in South Dakota should be able to grow and distribute as an economic development opportunity. It does read like if elected as the state’s lone US Representative he’d vote to remove cannabis from Schedule 1 and maybe even for legalization at the federal level.

If he's committed to refusing the support of the National Rifle Association but isn't sensitive to the wishes of voters in both major parties and Libertarians on cannabis that's just another indicator he has no intention to win in South Dakota.


The following statement is in response to your question about Tim's beliefs on marijuana:

Tim views federal oversight of marijuana laws to be over-reach and thinks the states should be free to pass laws as to their use without federal intervention, and allow the laboratory of the states to work as to each state's policy. He views it as a state's rights issue. Tim is not a proponent personally of legalizing recreational marijuana in South Dakota. He is particularly concerned with the effect of legalization on teen use, which as a judge, he saw harmed many youth, particularly those who appear to self-medicate with it to address mental health issues. As to medicinal marijuana, Tim believes the federal laws prohibiting it and limiting research on its medicinal value are wrong. Many men and women and also many children, war veterans and others appear to receive real help from that drug in medicinal doses and it is heart-wrenching that they are kept from its benefits in a free nation. So he supports medicinal marijuana, in a pill or similar form that doesn't strip it of its medicinal benefits, through a prescription filled in a pharmacy. He opposes prescriptions that simply allow an individual to buy a bag of marijuana or a joint.

Thank you for your correspondence!

Kristin Hayward
Communications Director & Campaign Coordinator
Tim Bjorkman for South Dakota

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