Thursday, March 15, 2018

Apeshit: South Dakota legislature a bunch of greedy cocksuckers

I began playing in Jerry Apeshit Apa's illegal poker games in the basement of the Bodega in Deadwood somewhere around 1985.

It was a seminal time. The late Mike O'Connell was a founding father of legal gambling in the Gulch and every time Apa would go on tilt in a poker game Mike would shout, "he's gone apeshit!" The name stuck.

Apa has split with the Republican establishment again blasting legislative pay raises in Pierre.
The Legislature voted to give the legislators a pay raise effective Jan 1, 2019. The raise has been calculated to be $11,800; thereby costing the taxpayer approximately $650,000. One of the more specious arguments for the pay raise is it will enhance the opportunity for more people to serve. But I ask you how many employers will be able to lose an hourly employee for the better part of two and one half months and how many people working on commission can forego their commission and contacts for that amount of time?

How many citizens in South Dakota know, in addition to their salary, legislators receive per diem of $144 per day tax free. In a 40-day session that amounts to $5,560. In addition, they receive 42 cents per mile for each round trip from their home to Pierre except for the first and last trips.

I thank the 22 legislators that voted “no” and to the 83 who voted “yes” I ask, have you no shame? This bill is not about need it is about greed. If the legislators truly thought they deserved a pay raise it should be on the ballot and the case made to the hard-working, taxpaying citizens of South Dakota.

Jerry Apa

Lead is where if two people get divorced they're still father and daughter.

Unfortunately (or not), Lead doesn't have a pot to piss in because the bulk of its taxpayers are lining up with their walkers or lying on gurneys awaiting their turns for the various cemeteries splattered throughout town.

The residents are obese, white retirees from somewhere else who fled cultural diversity in their own states taking advantage of South Dakota's regressive tax structure and are now returning in their RVs after the strings below-zero days.

Too many Lead residents are local high school dropouts who married their sisters, are strung out on meth somewhere and are only paying taxes through video lootery, Mickey's malt liquor, cigarettes and fuel.

A former legislator and Lead mayor, a lifelong earth hater and member of the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers, Apa's scathing indictment of South Dakota Republican Party leadership and its ownership of SD Game Fish and Plunder helped kill a state land grab in Spearditch Canyon.

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