Friday, November 24, 2017

On a roll, Daugaard will appoint another earth hater

The untimely death of a moderate Republican has given South Dakota's extremist governor another opportunity to drive the state's legislature even further to the wrong wing.
“Craig Tieszen was a good man and a dedicated public servant, and his loss is very sad,” said Gov. Dennis Daugaard in an emailed statement. [Rapid City Journal]
Rapid City's mayor, a former cop who managed 'a bunch of racists' while chief of police, said he was 'heartbroken' after hearing the news Tieszen was killed.

Rapid City is already represented by a gaggle of racists, misanthropes and climate science deniers. Earlier this year nutbag Lynne DiSanto posted an 'all lives splatter' expletive to her Facebook page and Phil Jensen called all LGBTQ people paedophiles.

On a record pace Daugaard will be appointing another extreme earth hater to a seat for the 2018 legislative session.

Your thoughts?

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