Sunday, November 19, 2017

Mitchell dying as Dusty Johnson raises money for DC bid

I had to laugh like hell.

Career Republican dupe, Bob Mercer, is oohing and aahing over a Mitchell resident's quixotic call for a sculpture walk downtown but has done exactly zero stories about the city's pathetic response to its eutrophic lake.

But another Mitchell homeboy, earth hater candidate for South Dakota's lone US House seat, Dusty Johnson, isn't talking about it, either.

Now, the red moocher state is again begging the feds to find available conservation programs that could reduce nutrient loading in the Lake Mitchell watershed.
During a Lake Mitchell Advisory Committee meeting Tuesday, Mitchell Mayor Jerry Toomey said the firm tasked with determining the cause of the lake's annual algae woes stands by its estimate that 60 percent of the restoration costs could be supported through federal funds. And as early as January or February, Toomey hoped the city could learn a dollar figure to repair the lake.
Read more about red state failure here.

Pernicious pig Pat Powers and the voices in his head have been crowing about Johnson raising a half million bucks in his bid to outlast fellow earth hater Shantel Krebs as their nominee for that party's choice to face Democrat Tim Bjorkman next Fall but not a single Republican is doing anything except making the state a more capacious chemical toilet.

Your thoughts?

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