Sunday, November 12, 2017

Earth hater Tapio urges lawgivers to keep stigmatized property for prison

In an effort to cover up the crimes committed by the State of South Dakota at a now-shuttered stigmatized property earth hater Neal Tapio of Watertown is saying too few adolescents are being imprisoned.
Government programs, while good intentioned, are handcuffed in their ability to deal with the most important portions of personal growth and development. Private, non-governmental options have the flexibility and the freedom to deal with the whole person in ways institutions simply cannot. [press release]
Meanwhile retired surgeon Lars Aanning continues to call out Marty Jackley and other state Republicans for their roles in covering up the crime that led to the death of Brady Folkens at the facility.
Is This Medical Board A Joke? A grossly deficient knowledge of basic biology should prompt a medical license investigation of South Dakota’s medical board physicians. Reviewing the recent death of a teenager incarcerated in a state juvenile detention facility, they failed to grasp the fact that Brady Folkens’ death could not have been due to a virus when the blood test for infection with that virus was negative!
Read that here.

The hubris of the earth haters in the South Dakota Republican Party knows no bounds.

Imagine a Custer legislator telling Watertown what it should do with the Lake Area Technical Institute.

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