Monday, August 15, 2016

Activists shame bikers leading to smaller Sturgis® slaughter

South Dakota killed at least 16 during last year's Sturgis Rally bacchanal driving some bikers to boycott the annual slaughter.
Numbers are down in Sturgis this year and that trend appears to be the same in Custer. Both merchants and officials are saying numbers are down and the bikers who have made their way to Custer have been mostly docile. [Custer County Chronicle]
Even the State of South Dakota is lamenting fewer sex crimes, drug busts and hospital visits that pay the bills in the chemical toilet where civil forfeitures and sales taxes fund single party rule especially in Marty Jackley's home town. Traffic counts are down at least 40 percent from 2015 according to state Transportation Department spokeswoman Kellie Beck.

This year Rapid City Regional Hospital was the only Republican-owned business to cut a fat hog.

South Dakota media outlets are rife with stories about a meth and heroin epidemic but Marty Jackley takes on a guy alleged to have fifty five cannabis seeds for a legal buyer. Leave it to his homeboys and minions in the law enforcement industry look away from the hallmark lawlessness peculiar to the Sturgis Rally.

Montana's Northern Cheyenne joined tribes trapped in South Dakota in raising awareness of the Rally's desecration of sacred ground on and near Mato Paha known to white people as Bear Butte.

Costs to South Dakota's law enforcement industry cut into whatever profits the state enjoyed from selectively arresting those "docile" offenders.

That's why cops' lives suck. Little wonder LEOs abuse their families, alcohol, drugs, food, power, detainees and occasionally murder their wives.

So, hats off to those who resist the drunken social engineering white people employ while defiling He Sapa!

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  1. Update, South Dakota kills more bikers during the Rally than the state admits: Rapid City Journal


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