Monday, February 8, 2016

DENR Caving to Obama's EPA

Despite all the propaganda being spewed by the state's extremist congressional delegation the South Dakota Department of Ecocide and Natural Ruination (DENR) is capitulating to the US Environmental Protection Agency.
The department says the federal Clean Power Plan aims to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from the Big Stone coal-fired power plant near Big Stone City. It also includes the Deer Creek Station natural gas-fired combined cycle turbine near White. The first meeting will be held Feb. 23 at the Milbank Visitor Center in Milbank.
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Nearly every moving stream, intermittent or not in South Dakota, is navigable and has supported a pre-settlement human or European explorer pulling and propelling a canoe over it.

In related news:

• 1,900 files for oil and gas holes and geologic logs from 96,595 other holes,
• 1,500 observation wells measuring ground water levels,
• 4,600 active and closed construction aggregate mines across the state,
• 13,250 spill sites,
• 5,000 closed and active regulated storage tanks,
• 150 locations that take recyclable materials,
• 97,620 filings for water right dry draw location notices,
• 200 permitted solid waste facilities,
• 167 lake levels, and
• 1,556 observation wells.

Cross-state pollution? Say it ain't so, Marty.

How bad does it have to get before Marty Jackley files lawsuits against Black Hills Power, NorthWestern Energy, Otter Tail and/or the Colstrip Generating Station?

Meanwhile, the City of Pierre is adopting Agenda 21. Pierre is begging for essential air service for the privileged: a bridge to nowhere yet essential passenger rail service could be going from Sioux Falls and Rapid City serving reservation patrons.

Will the wonders never cease?

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