Wednesday, February 17, 2016

SB171 action: Curd amendment passes, action deferred

Testimony on Senate Bill 171 in the South Dakota Legislature's Health and Human Services Committee pitted cannabis advocate, Melissa Mentele against members of the law enforcement industry but in final remarks in defense of the bill former Rapid City Mayor Jerry Munson gave the best speech of his career.

Policing for Profit and civil forfeiture are sole motivators in opposition to SB171. One cop even admitted selective enforcement. Paul Bachand has ties to Big Booze and Big Pharma.

One of the only physicians in the legislature, Blake Curd offered an amendment that would legalize cannabidiol (CBD) and with the support of a majority Republican committee it passed.

Further action has been deferred until Friday.

There is no money for South Dakota education in medical or industrial cannabis and no video lootery revenue goes to the state's tribes.

"All cannabis use is medical."

Over-prescription is blamed for a majority of overdose deaths in Colorado: 2/3 are from pharmaceutical opioids, 1/3 are from heroin.


  1. Another turd that Curd dropped. CBD has done nothing for me, it sure does have medical purpose, but nothing that could do me any good. CBD oil seems to be the lowest common denominator when it come to legalization, and here I thought it was all ready legal in all fifty states.

    1. Bill, this is the way i wanted things to go: get the bill onto the Senate floor where it can be amended by the body. Patience, Blindman: the plan is working perfectly.


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