Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Mexico's GOP lied to the legislature about CO cannabis crime

South Dakota's thought police have snuffed out industrial cannabis.

The Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee voted 5-3 against Rep. Mike Verchio's bill. No doubt the cops had all the dirt they needed to blackmail the legislators.

It's not just South Dakota's law enforcement industry lying about crimes attributed to legal cannabis.
When New Mexico's Senate this week considered a measure that would have asked voters whether to legalize marijuana, the debate inevitably became as much about Colorado as the lawmakers' home state. But even people in Colorado who share his concern about legalization said the connection between Denver's crime trends and marijuana is overstated.
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Over-prescription is blamed for the spike in overdose deaths in Colorado: 2/3 are from pharmaceutical opioids, 1/3 are from heroin.

Hey, Governor Daugaard please channel Governors Mickelson and Miller: embrace a revolutionary path to reconciliation by adopting my template.

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