Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thune supports DoD boondoggle

As if it isn't bad enough that Senator John Thune is a tool of the military/industrial complex where Ellsworth Air Force Base aids and abets pilots who kill children and practice-bombs parts of four states he wants to bring a doomed fighter to Sioux Falls.
The F-35 “is a dog …overweight and underpowered,” said Winslow Wheeler, director of the Straus Military Reform Project at the Project on Government Oversight in Washington. According to a 2008 Rand Corporation analysis, the F-35, “can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run.” Defense analyst Richard Aboulafia told the publication Intelligent Aerospace, “The F-35 is coming to eat us all alive, there’s no way to sugar-coat it.” Despite all these early reviews, the F-35 refuses to die, and is on track to become the military’s standard warplane. The Pentagon expects to order nearly 2,500 of them in the coming decades at a cost of over $400 million. Lockheed-Martin has been accused of conspiring with the Defense Department to jack up the cost of the plane, leading Sen. John McCain to observe, “It is the kind of cronyism that should make us all vigilant against… the military-industrial complex." [AlterNet]
Oh, look: Lockheed Martin gave Thune nearly $40,000 just last cycle.

My ex-stepson currently flies F-16s for the South Dakota's 114th Fighter Wing but he'll retire as a full colonel before the F-35 is deployed.

How should I feel?


  1. Thune is silent, compliant, and open for business with the USAF and the space and aviation industrial complex as a whole because of the global clandestine geoengineering program(s).

    The reason for the expansion of the Powder River Training Complex is to accommodate this mission.

    John Thune is a traitor to the citizens of the United States, because scientific experimentation on the public without consent is illegal.

    The program has been in full force since 1998, and Ellsworth has been working their way up the geoengineering ladder over time, with much devolvement from roughly 2011 onward.

    The reason Ellsworth is a lesser geoengineering base is because it is not served by rail; components must be trucked in that comprise the aerosolized materials that are sprayed in the atmosphere, and over the populace/biosphere.

    I have good footage of Ellsworth conducting geoengineering activity over West River.

    The majority constituents of the brew are powdered aluminum and barium salts; there are many more ingredients in lesser amounts, and different brews are made for different applications.

    Now comes the best part: a major ingredient is fly ash, which is a byproduct of coal powered electrical generation. Dispersed as a very fine powder, it is used as a solar obscurant. If you are trying to keep clean any white outdoor porous surface, live a boat or RV top, this is the gray film that you didn't used to have, if you have been at your hobby long enough.

    Several of the ingredients are destabilizing the entire biosphere via PH disruption.

    It is very east to confirm to oneself that the USAF is dropping fly ash on you, because you can use Google Earth to view the new fly ash processing piles at Air Force bases. The grandaddy site is Tinker AFB in Oklahoma, which is conveniently served by a massive "private" rail-yard for receiving fly ash, "just over the fence". Tinker makes "Master Brew" for distribution to smaller sites like Ellsworth via truck. Ellworth is sending B-1 Lancers from Ellsworth to Tinker one at a time to be retrofitted for geoengineering:

    I love the part that the system upgrade is called "IBS"; you can't make this shit up.

    *Last year coal plant fly ash was removed and downgraded from lists of hazardous substances, so now anyone can haul and dump it anywhere, as legal as sand, anywhere in the USA.

    The Tinker AFB fly ash rail-yard is at:

    35 degrees 24' 03.21" N by 97 degrees 23' 49.97" W

    The Tinker Chem-Brewery is at:

    35 degrees 23' 46.88" N by 97 degrees 23' 52.98" W

    The Tinker geoengineering planes are the white planes loaded at:

    35 degrees 24' 18.40" N by 97 degrees 23' 27.90" W

    The newly added Ellsworth fly ash pile and open air processor are at:

    44 degrees 09'54.99" N by 103 degrees 05' 28.87" W

    The newly added Ellsworth truck unloading area, for receiving Chem-Brew from Tinker by truck, is at:

    44 degrees 10' 05.99" N by 103 degrees 05' 28.58 W

    As at Tinker, Ellsworth has a "just over the fence private enterprise" supplying chemical piped underground; in the historical photos, you can clearly see the scar from the pipe trenching between this facility at the west fence; the digging makes a long run around the north end of the runway as to not disturb it, and then piped southeast into a pad area adjacent to the bomb loading pad; all built in the same time frame.

    The 'over the fence private enterprise" is at:

    44 degrees 09' 18.42" N by 103 degrees 07' 23.25" W

    Minot AFB's new fly ash pile is at:

    48 degrees 26' 19.93" N by 101 degrees 20' 29.25" W

    Malmstrom AFB's new fly ash pile is at:

    47 degrees 30' 19.42 N by 111 degrees 09' 18.67" W

  2. Dyess AFB has a fly ash play pen at:

    32 degrees 26' 21.90"N by 99 degrees 50' 49.24" W

  3. Wright Patterson AFB fly ash pile/processors:

    39 degrees 50' 35.75"N by 84 degrees 02' 27.65" W

    Hill AFB fly ash pile:

    41 degrees 07' 28.27" N by 111 degrees 56' 19.63" W

    Mountain Home AFB, not even concealed ash/processor next runway:

    43 degrees 02' 04.11" N by 115 degrees 50' 50.90" W

    Nellis AFB fly ash pit operation:

    36 degrees 17' 33.77" N by 114 degrees 59' 12.75" W

    Kirkland AFB fly ash pile:

    35 degrees 01' 42.08" N by 106 degrees 37' 10.53" W

  4. Fly ash is widely used in runway concrete construction.

  5. Yes, we are building the shit out of every USAF runway it seems. Doing it over extended periods of time, with little perceivable change in the runways, while there are notable changes in the fly ash piles. The Ellwsorth chemical piping job is slick, in that they did resurface the northwest perimeter fence road while laying pipe underneath. You can follow it clockwise around the runway, and see the ditch-work lead off to an added loading pad area.

    You can get a detailed look at a plane siting on the tarmac at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, in the Google Earth photo dated 3/8/2014.

    It is at 35 degrees 01' 46.32" N by 106 degrees 37' 33.54" W

    It is the lone white plane being serviced, and it is sitting across the runway from the fly ash pile I denoted in my last post. The side clearly reads "10 TANKER AIR CARRIER" and is the standard white with red trim geo-plane. Immediately to the west of the craft sit chemical pods on trailers for loading, to the immediate east is a group of empty chemical trailers from a previous loading.

    Retrofitting 1980s era B-1 Lancers feels like putting a plow behind a similar era Corvette to me; It smacks of desperation. I'm living under their new air pattern in West River, and now that the Lancers participate it is truly obnoxious, and expectedly unprofessional in comparison to the more seasoned applicators.

    A Lancer doing geo-work really stands out from the traditional work of the white and red planes, like the one you can see at the coordinates above.

    Note how there was announcement of this activity declared as an exercise; however, tradition was broken in not giving the massive exercise a name, so everyone gets a tee shirt and coffee mug of "Operation Extinction Event".

    Also on Albuquerque:

    Private "Ash-holes" seem to be going to fucking town at "Double EAGLE II Airport" west of town; particularly massive ash piles west of the strip on 7/24/2011. Again, over time, lots of ash change with no runway change.

    Also in Albuquerque, air-born radiation is way off the charts this week, with 20 CPM being what used to be normal. I don't know if the atmospheric processes/operations include radiation mitigation:

  6. "Well they say, that Santa Fe, is less than, ninety miles away..."

    That bass player is now sole owner of Zeona, South Dakota 57758

  7. Very curious non-ash (?) material stockpiles immediately north of Double Eagle II Airport on 3/8/2014:

    35 degrees 09' 38.26" N by 106 degrees 47' 31.84" W

    1. '45 degrees 01'18.88" North by 104 degrees 04' 32.81" West' (45.021911N,104.075781W) Location of 'Morgan Ranch Airport' per Google Earth in Montana.

  8. Yes, that rectangle is the alleged spot; I can't see any discernible modern plane activity even in the oldest photos, but even they are a decade newer than the activity.


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