Sunday, July 22, 2018

Lame duck Denny visits New Mexico

Yes, that is the back of Governor Denny Daugaard's head in the Santa Fe New Mexican photo below.

Hey, Governor Bullock don’t shank Montana like Brian Schweitzer did. Run for the the seat Steve Daines warms. Bullock is leaving office a winner; Daugaard is leaving as a failure who divided his own political party and made South Dakota a perpetual welfare state and permanent disaster area.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Wyoming Black Hills still suffering water well contamination

Ogden Driskill is an obese earth hater Wyoming legislator running cattle near Devils Tower National Monument in the Belle Fourche River watershed.

At his request the Crook County Commission has been asking the City of Gillette in neighboring Campbell County to allow access to the Madison water pipeline for landowners whose wells have been depleted or compromised by over a century of livestock grazing, coal mining and other extractive industries. Some 55 area wells are producing water that is not fit for human consumption under US Environmental Protection Agency standards.
“We’ve got a number of wells that went dry, we’ve got acid in wells – there’s a problem,” said Driskill. He noted that the wells did not dry up slowly, but that the problem appeared virtually overnight. “The City of Gillette is unwilling, partially for liability reasons,” he said. “These guys are hauling water for cows and hauling water for houses. That’s not right.” Commissioner Kelly Dennis, whose own land sits near the affected area, commented he has heard talk that another well may have run dry near Thorn Divide, several miles from where the problem was initially identified. [Sundance Times]
Thorn Divide is visible as an open green rise in front of Mahto Tipila in the background of the above image.
After meeting with resistance, he tacked an amendment on the omnibus water bill that would have forced Gillette to allow up to 200 new taps. Gillette turned down the funding, citing concerns over the repercussions of the amendment’s wording. Since that time, says Driskill, things have turned ugly – but he won’t let that deter him. [Sundance Times]
Like wiping your ass with a hula hoop: it's endless.

Oneok wants to install a second natural gas liquids pipeline through Crook County nearly parallel to the 900-mile Bakken line placed in 2012 traversing Thorn Divide near Carlile.

In January of 2016, the US Forest Service suspended the Draft Environmental Impact Study for a Wyoming Black Hills mountaintop-removal mine that would take rare earth minerals in the Belle Fourche watershed.

At least 23 prehistoric sites near Devils Tower National Monument, some of which are archaeological treasures eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, are also at risk to an 8000-acre expansion of Australia’s largest US aquifer uranium mining operation.

Yep, water is pork.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Howie recruiting principled conservatives for Constitution Party

He's running.
I am just no longer willing to belong to a Party whose leadership is more concerned with political expedience and their next election than they are with principle. My choice, for this time, is to work toward effecting change from outside the Republican Party. I have changed my Party affiliation to the Constitution Party. You may be interested in some of the things that encouraged me to make this choice. I invite you to join me. [Should You Join The Constitution Party?]
Curious Gordon Howie didn't mention the Libertarian Party of South Dakota in his post since Gideon Oakes is likely going to win in D30.
In South Dakota, the Constitution Party is going to be the Tea Party on steroids. It is the worst nightmare of the Party bosses who have had a strangle-hold on their respective parties. [Gordon Howie]
There is a mass exodus underway from the SDGOP and there isn’t a single story about it in the South Dakota media. If the Constitution Party holds together, nominates candidates for statewide offices and survives the eventual legal challenges from Dan Lederman it's curtains for the South Dakota Republican Party.

Principled conservatives are sick of being lied to by Zionist mob boss Lederman and are already fighting back against the South Dakota Republican Party insiders in Rapid City. Pierre is broken and the only way to fix it is to have Republicans lose several races to Democrats. South Dakota's most ardent citizens for liberty are recruiting conservatives to run not just in statewide elections but for the legislature, too.

Rick Kriebel and John Fitzgerald are among the refugees fleeing to the CP.

Fact is: the best way to a strong two party system in South Dakota is for arch-conservatives to launch an alt-right party.

King, Lederman high on pink slime?

Steve King and Dan Lederman make pink slime look um um good.
I found myself looking at my own personal ledger. And what I found, was that I owe a debt for many things. I am so far in the red, I need to start paying that tremendous debt back. Because these are debts I owe to my family for their love and support over the years. [Dan Lederman]
Sleaze and crime built Dan's business. He spent $50,000 to buy a seat in the legislature flaunting the same class by throwing it away resigning after the 2015 session then forcing his way into the chair of South Dakota's earth hater party.
When a HuffPost reporter on Capitol Hill Tuesday asked King about his retweet of a neo-Nazi, the congressman said all of his tweets are “true and objective.” On Wednesday, when the same reporter asked King if he is a white supremacist or a white nationalist, the congressman didn’t deny the allegation. Zoé Samudzi, co-author of the book As Black As Resistance, says King is a white nationalist and sees a couple possible explanations for why the GOP is so quiet about King. Republicans, she told HuffPost, either see King as “a problem and are too afraid of bucking party convention” to denounce him. Or “they’re similarly invested in the politics that he holds.” [Steve King Is A White Supremacist, And The GOP Doesn’t Care]
It's no secret The Dakota Progressive would like to see Israel rolled back to 1917 borders and its Jewish inhabitants moved to Utah or Nevada; but Dan Lederman is a Zionist and a Jewish activist. That he chums around with Steve King says far more about Lederman than it does about King.

Great hunt with Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Steve King

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Wieczorek no threat to Bjorkman

Ron Wieczorek submitted around 4,000 signatures for his unaffiliated run for South Dakota's lone US House seat.
He isn’t critical of President Trump’s recent tariffs, noting that “25 years of free trade has brought the American manufacturers to its knees.” [Yankton Press & Dakotan]
If Wieczorek takes 6% of the earth hater vote, George Hendickson takes 6% and the Constitution Party's candidate Neal Tapio takes at least 6% Democrat Tim Bjorkman will sail into office without even breaking a sweat especially now after it's been revealed the earth hater nominee has ties to the Russian mob.

Cook Political Report has yet to rate the contest.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Constitution Party squabble could lead to election of new officers

Updates in the comments.


In an exclusive interview Lori Stacey told The Dakota Progressive the national party chair has been "sliming" her for years and has even threatened her physically. She said many in the party want him out and that he "has been a problem for many good people" but that he "will now be toast."

Gordon Howie is bankrupt huckster who wants Stacey's job and Lora Hubbel is a perennial political opportunist. Neither have changed their registration from the earth hater party to the Constitution Party but wanted to be included in selecting candidates anyway. Stacey said they just "messed everything up" and made the convention look like "a laughing stock." They drove people away who would have run for office and that Howie and Hubbel hijacked the gathering instead of letting her (Stacey) preside over it as planned. "They we're stupid snakes and cost us everything I fought for. Some of these people were my friends and they stabbed me and the party," she said.

In an interesting aside, Howie's longtime sidekick, Ed Randazzo slammed Stacey saying Nurse Ratched of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest fame would be a better choice to restore order.

So far Stacey is rejecting the idea of inviting a successor but is conceding the election of new officers is not impossible because of the potential power the party wields in statewide elections.

The party expects to reconvene 14 August. Above photo lifted from Ken Santema.

If the CP holds together, nominates candidates for statewide offices and survives the eventual legal challenge from Zionist Dan Lederman it's curtains for the South Dakota Republican Party.