Monday, November 20, 2017

Poor ranching practices driving today's grassland fire danger

Rangeland Fire Danger Statement...UPDATED
National Weather Service Rapid City SD
747 AM MST Mon Nov 20 2017

Harding-Perkins-Butte-Northern Meade Co Plains-Ziebach-
Northern Foot Hills-Rapid City-Southern Foot Hills-
Pennington Co Plains-Haakon-Fall River-Oglala Lakota-Jackson-
Bennett-Mellette-Todd-Sturgis/Piedmont Foot Hills-
Southern Meade Co Plains-
Including the cities of Buffalo, Lemmon, Bison, Belle Fourche,
Faith, Dupree, Spearfish, Rapid City, Edgemont, Hot Springs,
Wall, Philip, Ardmore, Oelrichs, Pine Ridge, Oglala, Kyle,
Kadoka, Martin, White River, Mission, Sturgis, and Union Center
747 AM MST Mon Nov 20 2017 /847 AM CST Mon Nov 20 2017/


WNAX: earth hater seeing South Dakota insurance spikes

Insurance agent Ryan Maher is an earth hater state senator from Isabel who's watching soaring premium costs and people going without. He says many of his customers are ranch families seeing sticker shock and many are considering Obamacare.

Maher's political party is all about South Dakota being a perpetual welfare state and permanent disaster area where socialized agriculture, socialized livestock grazing, socialized coal, socialized military insurance, socialized timber harvest and a virtual medical industry monopoly are simply ways of life.

Soaring with medical and insurance costs are revenues at Mike Rounds' insurance company.

Jackley is a killing machine!

Drinking Liberally: South Dakota a corrupt shit hole

In South Dakota: The Republican Party here resembles the Alabama Republican Party. They are as corrupt and as overwhelmed by self-righteousness. They would condone a Judge Moore too if it put a penny in their pocket and allowed them to maintain their power.
Read the rest here.

Daugaard preparing bad news budget speech

Under earth hater Governor Denny Daugaard South Dakota is in the shitter.

Homelessness, habitat destruction, teen binge drinking, disease, despair and corruption are part of his legacy.
He says sales tax revenues are still running below projections. Daugaard says drought and low ag prices are big factors in those lower sales taxes. He says most people don’t have a lot of extra disposable income.
Get the rest of the story here.

South Dakota earth haters want total control

South Dakota earth hater Mike Stevens of Yankton says he's too stupid to learn anything in just two legislative years.
Stevens says longer terms would allow legislators more time to become more familiar with state issues. It would take a constitutional amendment to change legislative terms. Lawmakers are currently term limited to four – two year terms in either the House or Senate.
Get the story at WNAX.

Sounds like SDGOP is scared shitless there will be a Democratic governor next cycle.

Your thoughts?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Mitchell dying as Dusty Johnson raises money for DC bid

I had to laugh like hell.

Career Republican dupe, Bob Mercer, is oohing and aahing over a Mitchell resident's quixotic call for a sculpture walk downtown but has done exactly zero stories about the city's pathetic response to its eutrophic lake.

But another Mitchell homeboy, earth hater candidate for South Dakota's lone US House seat, Dusty Johnson, isn't talking about it, either.

Now, the red moocher state is again begging the feds to find available conservation programs that could reduce nutrient loading in the Lake Mitchell watershed.
During a Lake Mitchell Advisory Committee meeting Tuesday, Mitchell Mayor Jerry Toomey said the firm tasked with determining the cause of the lake's annual algae woes stands by its estimate that 60 percent of the restoration costs could be supported through federal funds. And as early as January or February, Toomey hoped the city could learn a dollar figure to repair the lake.
Read more about red state failure here.

Pernicious pig Pat Powers and the voices in his head have been crowing about Johnson raising a half million bucks in his bid to outlast fellow earth hater Shantel Krebs as their nominee for that party's choice to face Democrat Tim Bjorkman next Fall but not a single Republican is doing anything except making the state a more capacious chemical toilet.

Your thoughts?

Minnesota basketball star sees benefit of therapeutic cannabis

Another professional sports figure says he believes cannabis has therapeutic, societal benefits and the National Basketball Association should end bans.
Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns believes the NBA should allow players to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. His girlfriend's nephew is autistic, and Towns has seen how some of the new treatments involving properties of marijuana have helped the young boy and his family deal with the condition.
Read the rest here.

Democratic Minnesota Senator Al Franken has promised to bone up on cannabis law as his state considers even more liberal policy.
Now, the senator is on a bit of a marijuana bill cosponsorship spree, and some observers think it's good politics -- in addition to good policy -- at a time when Franken's name is being floated as a possible 2020 presidential candidate.
Read the rest at Forbes.

A former Playboy model now earth hater talk show host has accepted Franken's apology after she accused him of inappropriate physical contact.

Sutton disgusted at lack of leadership in Pierre

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Kent: gold mine threatens Black Hills holy site

Opponents to efforts by a Canadian miner exploiting the General Mining Act of 1872 and targeting lands on the Black Hills National Forest abutting tribal-owned off-reservation property are hinting legal action.
Drilling for the proposed “Rochford Gold Project” would take place south of Rochford in the areas of Rapid Creek, Castle Creek, Bloody Gulch and Reynolds Prairie – known as Pe’ Sla to the Lakota and an especially sacred location within the Black Hills, all of which are considered sacred to tribal nations. A number of Black Hills organizations have banded together to oppose Mineral Mountain Resources’ efforts including Save Rochford and Rapid Creek (SRRC), Dakota Rural Action (DAR) and the Clean Water Alliance. Mineral Mountain Resources’ Plan of Operations proposes 21,000 square feet of drill pads and hundreds of drill holes, each 1,500-5,000 feet deep, on federal lands. Requests for a comment on the proposed mining project by South Dakota U.S. Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds as well as Representative Kristi Noem were not returned.
Read the rest of Jim Kent's piece here.

Last year Montana environmental policy advocate Bonnie Gestring told an audience observing World Water Day at the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City that tribal nations should support proposed regulations and two new federal companion bills that lead to reform of the 1872 law.

Hart putting soul into Sioux Falls Council run

Vale father/son lied to feds for blizzard money

A Vale ranch pair lied to the Farm Service Agency after a blizzard buried parts of western South Dakota.
The offense carries maximum penalties of five years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine and three years of supervised release. In a Journal interview following the storm, Karl Knutson said he had been checking cattle and fences on the ranch of his father, Dale, east of Sturgis.
Read the rest here.

Letter: GOP ignoring working class

Trickle-down economics is a Republican illusion.
Rather than representing us, the current cabal in Washington only responds to the dictates of their enormously wealthy donors. Thune-Rounds-Noem and colleagues are working nonstop to get as much as they can as fast as they can. They’ll destroy the last vestiges of progressive taxation. They’ll take away health care. They’ll ensure corporate profits no matter what. They’ll do all of this because they can. We’re not their priority.
Read the rest here.

Kristi Noem is concentrating her efforts in DC on ending a tax only twenty of her South Dakota earth hater donors pay. There is only one taxable ag-related estate in South Dakota: Powerball winner, Neal Wanless.

Under Daugaard unemployment spiking

Last year South Dakota had the lowest unemployment rate in the US but under Denny Daugaard it's now thirteenth.
The working poor who show up to Faith Temple's weekly giveaway often go overlooked in the community, hidden in plain sight. "It's very tough, it's not as easy as people say it is, but it's kind of hard to find a job," April Kingsley of Sioux Falls said.
Read more about red state failure here.

Meanwhile, under Democratic Governor Mark Dayton Minnesota's unemployment is down.

Hopelessness, homelessness and despair are the new normals in South Dakota.

Bovine TB discovered in chemical toilet

The leak from the Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota is just the tip of a pollution iceberg striking a red state failure Titanic.

South Dakota is a 77,000 square mile chemical toilet punctuated with disease-ridden concentrated animal feeding operations.
State Veterinarian Dr. Dustin Oedekoven says that an infected cow was initially identified in October by meat inspectors during routine inspection at a Texas slaughterhouse. Official animal identification records linked the cow to a Tripp County beef herd. Herd testing and laboratory confirmation has revealed additional infected animals in the herd.
Read the rest here.

The disease vector has yet to be determined.

Earlier this month beef products dispensed in South Dakota vending machines were recalled by the US Department of Agriculture after a routine inspection.

During the February outbreak in South Dakota earth hater former legislator Betty Olson blamed deer for bovine tuberculosis while praising the destruction of the cougars, coyotes and wolves that control deer. She wondered why Game, Fish and Plunder hadn't slaughtered every wild critter in northwestern South Dakota.

Rodeo stock were ultimately established as the carriers.