Saturday, February 29, 2020

Rapid City celebrates genocide, obesity, addiction

Tomi Lahren is just one graduate who fled Rapid City the first chance she got.

44 presidential statues already sit or stand on corners downtown Rapid City and the City of Presidents Foundation leaders want to focus on the message the Barack Obama sculpture will send to visitors without invoking the town's long history of bigotry. Fact is: most of the downtown statues depict slave owners, war criminals, figures in history that ordered the murders of American Indians and at least one child raper.
The 8-foot-wide statue sits atop a 9-foot granite base inscribed with the phrase “hot and deliciously juicy” in Latin. The statue is topped with “sesame seeds” 20 times the size of actual seeds sprinkled on Quarter Pounder burger buns. The monument sits outside the McDonald’s at 3919 Cheyenne Blvd., within view of Interstate 90. [Rapid City welcomes a monument to the Quarter Pounder]

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