Monday, December 9, 2019

South Dakota still sells sex

Governor Kristi Noem is a former Snow Queen who convinced her own daughters to compete in beauty contests. Buxom South Dakotan Jordan Tierney was just crowned Miss Rodeo America.
A recent report gave South Dakota a “D” grade when it comes to fighting the sex trafficking of minors. It was one of only two states to grade that low. South Dakota is one of the few states that saw its grade fall, primarily because of legislation that sent any minor involved in a commercial sex act through the criminal justice system. Scores went up overall nationwide. [Hub City Radio]
Polygamy and pedophilia are apparently protected religious freedoms in South Dakota as far as Republicans are concerned. Recall the mother of Republican state legislator and former candidate for South Dakota Attorney General, Lance Russell sold property to the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) Church where minor girls are trafficked and raped. That they offered escape to Serenity Dennard is not impossible.

Now, the chemical toilet and permanent disaster area that is South Dakota has elected a governor who not only slept her way to the top she has never supported the Violence Against Women Act.

The United States foster care industry supplies at least 88% of sex-trafficked children some of whom are raped for money at the annual Sturgis Rally. Billionaire Republican Denny Sanford has given millions to the Children's Home Society, just for instance. "Unsafe. Unacceptable. Hyper-masculine. Sexualized. Dirty." That's how the Aberdeen American News board and how women have described the legislative session in Pierre. The South Dakota Newspaper Association, teevee stations and local media have known about Pierre's rape culture and culture of corruption for decades but simply concede to the twenty earth hater donors who run the state.
For about three months of the year, from September to November, the bar and restaurant transform into a completely different establishment. But increasingly it is a commercial enterprise, one that comes with a dark side: sex trafficking and pop-up strip clubs that cater to hunters here for a good time. Asked about a rumored prostitution sting at Frank Day’s last year, a representative for the state Department of Criminal Investigation issued this statement: “The DCI does a number of operations, but we do not confirm any details. The only time operation details are released is if there are arrests.” Trafficking ensnares South Dakota women as well. Native American women are heavily targeted. Nothing to see here. [Hunting season’s underbelly: Stripping, sex trafficking and small towns looking the other way]
The reasoning is hardly mysterious: it's all about the money prostitution, the Sturgis Rally, policing for profit, sex trafficking, hunting and subsidized grazing bring to the South Dakota Republican Party destroying lives, depleting watersheds and smothering habitat under single-party rule.

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  1. A year later there are only two possible outcomes for Serenity Dennard's "disappearance:" she hooked up with a Jeffrey Epstein-type character or a representative of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) Church where minor girls are trafficked and raped.


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