Friday, June 21, 2019

Source: Heidelberger will run in Democratic primary for South Dakota's lone US House seat

According to one of my sources anti-cannabis crusader Cory Heidelberger is preparing to enter the Democratic primary for South Dakota's lone US House seat.

When this blog asked Susan Wismer to run for governor she told me Cory Heidelberger and Madville Times were just too radical for her, hence Cory supported Joe Lowe in the primary so that weblog never really got behind Rep. Wismer as a gubernatorial candidate.

Although dry drunk atheist Heidelberger has been a thorough investigator his newest blog, Dakota Free Press just hasn't delivered for Democratic voters. Even former Argus Leader reporter, David Montgomery believed Wismer was a fantastic candidate with the skills to govern she had no chance because she didn't have the cash resources to fight the gubernatorial battle on teevee but it was Wismer's choice of running mate that sank her campaign.

While the author of The Dakota Progressive is a staunch Democrat and has been 100% correct on how to run a credible political campaign in South Dakota up til now it's been far too revolutionary to represent South Dakota Democrats in the party's present deflated context. When only one Democratic South Dakota native knows what wins elections in that state, life might be easier if this scrivener just jams a fork up his nose. Billie Sutton was a fart in a haboob who bought Susan Wismer's mailing list and bombed my inbox begging for money. The South Dakota Democratic Party has apparently learned nothing from the failure of a cowboy running for Montana's At-large congressional seat. Primaries are expensive and allow far too much mischief: since turnout is so pathetic especially during midterms the drain-circling South Dakota Democratic Party should end them and choose candidates at the state conventions.

We should look at a DFL-type strategy, gang. The Democratic Parties in Montana and New Mexico are already formulating tactics and raising money so that we can recover. Minnehaha County is going to step up and own the South Dakota Democratic Party if county chairs don't fire up their delegates to go to the goddamned convention. If candidates want support from the party they should know what the platform is and not announce a run expecting the party to back them, especially if they don't attend the convention. The platform is crafted at the convention by delegates who are frustrated that candidates like Billie Sutton, Joe Lowe and Tim Bjorkman completely ignored what the party stands for.

If I was a cannabis lobbyist in South Dakota I would draft a resolution acknowledging there is a segment of the population who believes some medical procedures are offensive to some voters as a compromise to principled conservatives. Republicans preach civil rights for human zygotes but deny the protections of the First, Fourth and Ninth Amendments to people who enjoy cannabis. Democrats should pounce on that.

As progressive activist Chaz Jewett said, "Again we are given a shiny penny by the South Dakota Democratic Party. When is enough enough? Options are wanted."

Watch this space.

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