Saturday, March 23, 2019

Shad Olson responds to DWC fake news

At his blog, Dakota War College obese Brookings blogger Pat Powers routinely smears principled conservatives who don't bend the knee to the South Dakota Republican Party establishment. Pernicious Pug Powers, who makes a stopped clock look like a well-greased machine, salts his blog comment section with a seemingly infinite variety of aliases that threaten or jeer his political enemies.

That SDGOP condones, encourages and even pays Pat Powers to threaten, malign, bully and libel women while their party standard-bearers preach the protection of women is a measure of hypocrisy that strains human gauges. He has long been banned from this and other South Dakota related sites because of a constant stream of bigotry, misogyny and other hate speech.

Potential primary or third party candidate, Shad Olson has had enough.
So, it’s long overdue, but inevitable nonetheless. I’ve treated responding to this pile of sniveling dog snot in much the same way that I dread wading into spring pasture for debris cleanup and field sweep. But it is what is. Pat Powers manure spreader only aims at his betters. Jealousy is the ultimate Green New Deal renewable fuel. Endless supplies reserved for the eternally out of reach. Vroom vroom.

Leave it to Pat, and to all the rest of the double digit intelligentsia of South Dakota establismentarians to sort through 20 years of news-that-doesn’t-make-the-news regarding endemic corruption, embedded and overlooked scandal and intrigue, sex trade, drug traffic, personal shenanigans and general social detritus….and produce a bona fide bull excrement headline fixating on the amount of female attention received via social media by one television news personality over a 25 year career.

It’s a multidimensional revelation about Pat’s frame of mind…and of course, his own personal deprivations. Maybe ask Don Jorgensen for some useful comparative context. Not that you ever would. It’s rudimentary sense that people speaking nightly to 100,000 viewers in their bedrooms probably get treated in ways that a no name blogger undertaking the denuded behest of the South Dakota GOP machinery wouldn’t ever experience. My condolences, PP.

As context clearly shows, it was mentioned out of bemused jest and contempt, not out of even a shred of braggadocio. It’s nothing to be envied.

A few things, not that we’d ever expect actual investigative analysis or initiative from hallowed confines of the SDGOP cube mole blogosphere, but you might ask DCI or the FBI how many methamphetamine arrests and overall disruption of the western South Dakota Mexican drug trade were inflicted as a result of the investigative piece published by me and only hinted at in this particular post. At last count it’s 50 and rising. Maybe Dan and Matt will talk to you. I could put in a good word. Wink.

It’d be a real shame if Pat’s stock-in-trade ever rose to actually covering anything other than the decade late press releases of South Dakota’s location of the GOP-KFC political fast food franchise. But that too, might require retrieving his testicles and cerebral convex from the Clorox cup on John Thune’s DC nightstand. (The one at his apartment, not his “friend’s,” in Sioux Falls.)

During Neal Tapio’s congressional campaign, he drove me to continual distraction, walking around on hand wrung eggshells, quiveringly verklempt at the notion of getting on the wrong side of “Pat Powers,” or Dan Lederman or Dave Roetman, eternally concerned about provocative portrayal of the same pedestrian partisan slantery reserved for the likes of Stace Nelson and Lora Hubbel. It was tragic hilarity to watch. I didn’t then and never could empathize.

I told him repeatedly that for all but the few Lindsey Grahamified doofuses inhabiting the pale pink hallows of the RINO reserve of the worthlessly compromised political mainstream, Pat’s good wishes and positive spin would be something to rightfully shun, scorn and potentially, officially disavow with all the avoidance of a millstone life preserver at Oahe or a David Duke endorsement.

So…ten unsolicited, unanswered girly snaps a year might seem a great embellishment to you, Pat, and for that, you certainly have my pity, along with my ever present admiration for steadfast continence of virtue, piety and professional esteem. You missed about 240 more interesting points with the intentionally obtuse density of Alexandria Occasionally Dressed.

The aforementioned list of lists, complete with names has been appropriately secreted to several close friends to ensure safe keeping. Smart guys with more acumen than exhibited in toto by the lost tribe of moronic scriveners that inhabit here.

Feel free to continue bashing away though, governor. It’s smart Alexa baseball given that my clout score and Google penetration dwarf yours in similar fashion to my inbox full of drunk text affection. Still so very glad I didn’t take your job.


Shad Olson

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