Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sibson: Howdy Doody Dusty another Soros dupe

Dakota War College is known for hosting hate speech but has jumped the shark by letting Steve Sibson paint targets on South Dakota's Muslims.
I agree with Dave Wegner's recent letter with respect to the problem of money undermining America's representative democracy. A recent example is Davison County Commissioners ignoring the quality of constituents' life by approving hog operations that benefit out-of-state capitalists. The Republican majority are liberal tax and spend crony capitalists. And what most fail to understand is that nearly 100 percent of the South Dakota Democratic legislators recently supported three major tax increases, including September's Internet tax increase, that is fueling the liberal Republican tax and spend agenda here in South Dakota. We should blame all global oligarchy members, of which Dusty Johnson is one of their Howdy Doody puppets, for destroying representative democracy. [LTE, Steve Sibson]
Thanks to Donald Trump, Pat Powers, Lora Hubbel and Steve Sibson hate crimes are on the rise in South Dakota.

Sibson is a 'special' case, if you get my drift. A perennial loser, Sibson suffers from paranoid delusions and acute depression. Sibson's Religionist Right is resisting parts of Common Core because the standards stress human influence on climate change, genocide of indigenous by colonizers, gender equality and social justice.

If Ron Wieczorek takes 6% of the earth hater vote and George Hendickson takes 6% Tim Bjorkman will win within the margin of error especially after it's been revealed earth hater Howdy Doody Dusty Johnson has ties to the Russian mob.

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