Monday, July 2, 2018

Today's intersection: white nose syndrome and chemicals in wastewater

Back to back tweets brought two seemingly unrelated issues to light.
The long-legged bat caught in Black Hills National Forest, just south of the boundary of Jewel Cave National Monument is the 11th species confirmed with white-nose syndrome. Last month, the disease was confirmed on a cave bat (Myotis velifer) in Kansas and the fungus detected on a western small-footed bat (Myotis ciliolabrum) in South Dakota. [Deadly white-nose syndrome confirmed in South Dakota; responsible bat protection efforts continue]
Antineoplastic drugs ... or chemotherapy chemicals are ending up in our wastewater ... causing wastewater treatment facilities to fail. These drugs cut the DNA in organisms -- which can help get rid of cancer cells but will kill bacteria treating our wastewater. This causes numerous issues. "If it is ignored, the government will see this but if it is ignored, what will happen is it will lead to initially microbes will die. So that will, because everything, the entire ecosystem, will be spoiled. Number one the ecosystem will be spoiled and the environment will be spoiled. Number two is that it will be a menace to mankind." says Dr. Navanietha Krishnaraj Rathinam, research scientist at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. [KEVN teevee]
Insects contaminated by industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals in water supplies are spreading them to other species including bats creating the sixth mass extinction.

Environmental pollutants are being found in the umbilical cord blood of infants! Mere contact with the Big Sioux River causes spontaneous abortions! South Dakota will always be a chemical toilet, a perpetual welfare state and a permanent disaster area.

And what's next? Robot bees!

This time humanity is the asteroid.

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