Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The State of South Dakota continues to not give a shit

Today's intersection is at water and the State of South Dakota's commitment to end all life as we know it.
The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks plans to stock approximately 7,000 – 10,000 Atlantic salmon, 8-10 inches in length, at Whitlock Bay on Lake Oahe this fall. During the public comment period, approximately 86 percent of respondents were in favor or neutral regarding this stocking and 14 percent of anglers were opposed to Atlantic salmon stockings for various reasons. [Atlantic Salmon Trial Enters Final Phase]
Translation: nobody gives a shit.
A meeting hosted by the Missouri Sedimentation Action Coalition (MSAC) and featuring several agencies and individuals with vested interests or concerns about the issue was convened in Yankton. The request for a study must be made by a taxing entity, which MSAC is not. So, someone will have to take up that mantle to get this thing rolling. [Sedimentation: It’s Time For Action]
Translation: it costs too much to give a shit.
Ganje: Mr/Ms Government, in this conversation I wish to discuss government inertia in our rapidly changing world. In the past I submitted recommendations to you on topics concerning natural resources, property law and environmental oversight. So my question then to you Mr/Ms Government is simple. Have you adopted any of these suggestions? Even in part? Government: Well, no we have not. The government must always be vigilant and prevent the public from taking part in issues which properly concern the public. [David Ganje: A conversation between Mr. Ganje and South Dakota]
Translation: the State of South Dakota doesn't give a shit so fuck you and have a nice day.

Republicans are evil.

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