Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Montana Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers spotlighted for worshiping Trump

Kevin Christofferson and Christopher Lebsock preach from the Diocese of Helena; Garrett Nelson and Ryan Erlenbush minister in the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings.
A Roman Catholic bishop in Montana has criticized four priests who attended President Donald Trump's rally in Great Falls last week for wearing their black clerical garb while prominently seated in the front row directly behind the president. Bishop Michael Warfel of the Great Falls-Billings diocese was not aware the priests would be in attendance and was shocked to see them in a prominent location in clerical attire, he said in a letter posted on the diocese's Facebook page. [Great Falls Tribune]
Like a dozen other US Roman churches have done the Helena, Montana chapter of the sect faced 362 claims of sexual abuse and filed for bankruptcy.

Both South Dakota dioceses are up to their areolae in debt to the white christianic ruling class for covering up crimes committed by pederastic priests in Catholic congregations and the state's legislature has engaged in obstruction of justice for decades.

Catholicism is hope like syphilis is charity.

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