Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Despite attacks from his own party Stace Nelson hangs on

Want some respect, Senator Nelson? Flee the South Dakota Republican Party, join the Constitution Party and take your place in history.
Corruption at its worst in SD. Every effort has been to cover this up and keep the government official cronies from being held responsible. $100 Million disappeared & not ONE Native youth can be identified as having completed college. There I go again.. being a "troublemaker." The price I pay for being an outspoken conservative, and not going along to get along, is the wrath of the establishment political machine which uses the Republican brand without a care for Republican principles. In addition to the steady stream of juvenile cartoons and dishonest propaganda, I’ve also been officially black-listed with lobbyists for campaign contributions. I beat the political machine in my district, much harder to do in statewide races where it has a death grip. [Sen. Stace Nelson]
Want for nothing, Sen. Nelson? How about my home state legislature and executive branch free of corruption? If you’ve been blacklisted by SDGOP why do you crave their fealty? If SDGOP loses the three races at the top of the ballot they’ll come begging to you for a coalition instead of ridiculing your choices. If you're uncomfortable at the top of the ticket run for secretary of state or state auditor under the CP banner, beat Steve Barnett and expose the fraud that defines SDGOP.

I need you. South Dakota needs you. You're a radical conservative who loves my home state with all its lesions.

Pray on it then do the right thing.

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