Sunday, July 15, 2018

Constitution Party squabble could lead to election of new officers

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In an exclusive interview Lori Stacey told The Dakota Progressive the national party chair has been "sliming" her for years and has even threatened her physically. She said many in the party want him out and that he "has been a problem for many good people" but that he "will now be toast."

Gordon Howie is bankrupt huckster who wants Stacey's job and Lora Hubbel is a perennial political opportunist. Neither have changed their registration from the earth hater party to the Constitution Party but wanted to be included in selecting candidates anyway. Stacey said they just "messed everything up" and made the convention look like "a laughing stock." They drove people away who would have run for office and that Howie and Hubbel hijacked the gathering instead of letting her (Stacey) preside over it as planned. "They we're stupid snakes and cost us everything I fought for. Some of these people were my friends and they stabbed me and the party," she said.

In an interesting aside, Howie's longtime sidekick, Ed Randazzo slammed Stacey saying Nurse Ratched of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest fame would be a better choice to restore order.

So far Stacey is rejecting the idea of inviting a successor but is conceding the election of new officers is not impossible because of the potential power the party wields in statewide elections.

The party expects to reconvene 14 August. Above photo lifted from Ken Santema.

If the CP holds together, nominates candidates for statewide offices and survives the eventual legal challenge from Zionist Dan Lederman it's curtains for the South Dakota Republican Party.


  1. Howie just told The Dakota Progressive he has registered in the Constitution Party: source.

  2. Hubbel registered in the CP 22 June. Here is her statement on the events:

    "Lori Stacey sent a organizational statement to Shantel DURING THE CONVENTION saying SHE was the Chair...something that was not done in 2017 when it should have been..she sent it WHILE THE CONVENTION WAS HAPPENING! No one knows if the document she sent is legal or not. She has been removed as chair by the National Chair, because she has not held meetings or minutes for YEARS..she has had a contract between her and the SD Constitution party for THOUSANDS of dollars (where she gets several thousand dollars) and NO PAPERWORK ! That is because Lori Stacey claims to be BOTH the Chair AND the Treasurer! Can you imagine?? That has been going on for years contrary to the By laws saying she SHALL appoint a treasurer."

  3. To Lori Stacey,

    We the duly elected Chair and Vice chair of the SD State Constitution Party along with Frank Fluckiger Chair of the National Party are writing you this letter in hopes of avoiding a public display of discord within the party at this critical time. We want you to know that we acknowledge and are grateful for the positive things you have done for the party and thank you for your service.

    After careful consultation with the National Officers and their Parliamentary Consultant, it has come to our attention that, you can no longer function as Chair of the State Party, for several reasons which we will site below.

    1. You don’t currently have residency in SD, although you are a registered voter. To serve as Chair without residency is in violation of SD code and the spirit of the Party bylaws.

    2. You did not have a treasurer, Under SD code and Roberts Rules you cannot be Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer at the same time. There is some concern that there may have been mis-use of funds.

    3. You have not performed your duties as per the bylaws. Specifically appointing officers, calling meetings, keeping minutes, and fulfilling national commitments.

    4. You filed amendments with the state that were not voted on properly.

    5. Filed documents with the state clearly show Lora Hubbel as Chair and Joel Bergan as Vice-chair. You are currently the Secretary/Treasurer.

    In 2016 you were relieved of your duties, honorably, when new officers were elected at Convention.

    There is nothing in our bylaws about how to resign from office so Roberts rules step in, and anything in the SD code that might apply. Although Lora did express her desire to step down, this did not give you the authority to regain the chair. Under the bylaws, Joel Bergan, the Vice Chair elect, would fill the position. If he also expressed a desire to resign the Executive Committee would have had to decide who would fill the position. The State of SD has no record of a change of officers by resignation or election back to you. The 2016 Election is official.

    Although you have been doing some things a chair would do, at this time, you have no authority to act as Chair and will need to cease and desist. The Convention will be chaired by Lora, Joel, or a Duly elected, by the delegates, Protem Chair. Because of the 2016 election where you were elected to the position of Secretary/Treasurer. You will need to take minutes at convention and produce a detailed Treasurer’s Report for the membership that day.

    We are asking you to let the Convention proceed without conflict with Lora or Joel as Chair, or with a duly elected Protem Chair, elected by the delegates at Convention. If you care about the party and the process of representative government, you will see that this is in everyone’s best interest. We would ask you to perform your duties as the Secretary/Treasurer or let us have the body elect a Protem Secretary in your place. Please let us know of your intentions in this matter so that we will know how to proceed. We know this is hard for you and hope you will take the high road for the Party’s sake.

    Thank You for your help with this and everything,

    The South Dakota Constitution Party State Chair and Vice-chair Lora Hubbel and Joel Bergan,

    National Chair Frank Fluckiger

    Frank Fluckiger


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