Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Black Hills bear at risk to white gun nuts, Republicans

$20 bucks says the black bears, wolves, and moose sighted in the Black Hills are migrating from the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming down the Tongue River across the Powder to the Pumpkin Buttes where the Cheyenne and Belle Fourche Rivers begin then go up Beaver Creek near Newcastle into upper Castle Creek and down Rapid Creek to the Black Fox/Rochford area.
The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks verified a photo submitted by Jonathan Deuter, a hunter who enjoys wildlife art. The bear photos were automatically snapped by Deuter's motion-sensing trail camera. [Rapid City Journal]
If history is any guide, locals will just kill the offending bear like they do with moose, elk, cougars and their kittens.
State wildlife officers are investigating the poaching last Friday of a young bull moose believed to be the same animal that was seen and photographed during recent weeks in Custer State Park and at Pactola Reservoir. [Rapid City Journal]
How would the presence of moose, wolves and bears in the Black Hills not automatically make them candidates for endangered species protection?

Because Republicans are evil.

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