Sunday, July 1, 2018

Another arch-conservative nearing decision to run under Constitution Party banner

The Dakota Progressive has been seeking out and recruiting principled South Dakota conservatives to run for statewide office as third party and unaffiliated (independent) candidates.

Geddes area welfare farmer Mark Sip is every bit as qualified to run for US House or governor of South Dakota as earth haters Howdy Doody Dusty Johnson or Kristi Noem are. With the petitions filed for an unaffiliated candidate, a Libertarian and the Constitution Party expected to field contenders for South Dakota's lone US House seat and governor both are no longer safe Republican.
Rather than referring to myself as a Republican I instead usually opt for conservative, as obviously most Republican[s] aren't acting very Republican as of late. With that being said, did I not already point out that I wish ALL federal ag subsidies were eliminated. Also, as I previously stated, as a result of these programs, individuals that know how to manipulate them and maximize the payments they receive from them can actually be more profitable than those that efficiently produce the commodity and then effectively market it. Most South Dakotans get more excited about high school basketball championships than politics, and that is why we have elected thieves like Dennis Daugaard, Mike Rounds, and Tom Daschle to office. [Mark Sip]
Those remarks are why Sip can’t run for a statewide post and win as a Republican.

Your thoughts?

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