Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tapio complains that nobody cares, still runs as an earth hater

With the petitions filed for an unaffiliated candidate, a Libertarian and the Constitution Party expected to field a contender South Dakota's lone US House seat has moved from safe Republican to a toss-up!

The Dakota Progressive can't thank Betty Olson enough for allowing me to recruit principled conservatives as third party and unaffiliated candidates from her Facebook page!

Neal Tapio told TDP via Facebook Messenger yesterday that he was urged by the chair of the South Dakota Republican Party to get into the earth hater primary and siphon votes from Shantel Krebs so Dusty Johnson has smooth sailing to the nomination.

He said there was no quid pro quo but also told WNAX nobody in South Dakota gives a shit about politics and that it's hard to gain traction. Tapio's frustration with the process could end after he leaves the earth hater party and joins the Constitution Party then accepts their nomination for that contest. He has been successful in shutting down some negative press by buying off pernicious pig, Pat Powers.

Krebs has been thrown under the bus because she gave an interested party the interview exposing Kristi Noem as a philanderer and Noem has been thrown under the bus because she got caught being a philanderer.

If his petition is validated the entry of Ron Wieczorek as an unaffiliated candidate into the US House donnybrook could blow the race wide open.

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