Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sioux Falls election: nobody cares

Shorter Argus Leader: white Republicans don't live in the Sioux Falls core.
But if being Sioux Falls mayor is your dream, you’d be better off starting a social media company or dog turd business.
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Voter turnout in the Sioux Falls city and school board election was pretty low. "Just a little over 30 percent," says City Clerk Tom Greco, as he briefs City Council. 32,166 ballots were cast out of 105,470 registered voters. That looks to be the lowest turnout in a city election in nearly 25 years.
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A declining number of people registering to vote, a Republican secretary of state purging voter rolls or overwhelming disgust and hopelessness?

So, if United Van Lines is reporting upticks with little effect on the voter rolls how will that affect voter preferences? South Dakota has been a net inbound demographic for at least two years running. Are these people not registering or are they in the state in paper only for its lax tax structure?

Which parts of six month winters, rampant racism, chilling effects on civil rights and an extremist legislature escape you people?

My guess? Nobody gives a shit about elections in the chemical toilet.

Rapid City-based Chiesman Center for Democracy chronicles South Dakotans' voter fatigue and disgust plaguing democracy in the red moocher state.

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