Tuesday, April 17, 2018

SDSU Collegian editor: it's time to legalize

South Dakota's secretary of state is fighting for her political life.

Under pressure from her party boss earth hater Shantel Krebs has willfully and capriciously rejected the petition for a ballot initiative that would have allowed voters to decide whether some patients should have legal access to therapeutic cannabis. She is running for her party's nomination for US Congress and in 2010 exposed the state's current At-large Representative Kristi Noem as a philanderer.

But, a red moocher state like South Dakota is powered by sin: video lootery, a loan shark industry that preys on the least fortunate, a massive gambling addiction and a too-big-to-jail banking racket fill in the gaps created by lobbyists who enjoy the protection of single-party tyranny. That South Dakota Republicans prop up illegal drug use and project an ethics black hole while ignoring a potential revenue source is just more evidence of red state collapse.
It’s safer than alcohol, it’s safer than cigarettes, legalization doesn’t result in increased usage from teens and it doesn’t lead to violent crime. It just sounds like a way for Attorney General Marty Jackley to pass the buck off on the federal government rather than passing a measure traditionally supported by Democrats. It’s time for the state of South Dakota to skip medicinal use and just legalize it already.
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The Democrat running for Congress believes South Dakota is too fragile for legal cannabis.

Initiated law is a blunt instrument: cannabis statutes need to be hammered out in committee then ground into legislative sausage.

South Dakota's legislature can write a bill that would adopt legislation similar to Minnesota's medical cannabis law but worthy of Federal Drug Administration scrutiny where real medicine could be sold by pharmacies. Legalize for adults then allow Deadwood and the tribes to grow under California organic standards then distribute on reservation and off-reservation properties under a compact putting the gaming commission as the administrative body to tax and regulate. “The Indian casinos are basically small little banks,” according to Bloomberg News.

Because cannabis is illegal under federal law, and use of the term "organic" is regulated by the US Department of Agriculture, a licensed cannabis business cannot be certified as USDA organic.

In my view edibles should only be available to patients suffering from debilitating diseases, disorders or conditions and be dispensed by pharmacists and taxed like other prescriptions.

Home growing for personal enjoyment should look like South Dakota's beer home brewing and wine making laws.

For the record, I do not support widespread growing of hemp: it is an invasive species and capable of overgrowing native grasses.

Pass a corporate income tax, end video lootery, reduce the number of South Dakota counties to 25, turn Dakota State University into a community college, and adopt my cannabis template: the kurtz solution painted on a thumbnail.


  1. Larry,

    I am curious as to why you propose Dakota State University be reduced to a community college? DSU has been designated a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education and Research by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) AND has the MadLabs project which is an $18 million project that will house multiple research institutes, including the Cyclops Lab for classified operations involving federal agency partners; the PATRIOT Lab, which researches threats to the Internet of Things; BaSe Lab, dedicated to banking security; and the DigForCE Lab, which concentrates on digital forensics enforcement tools.

    With that being said, I'm sure there has to be a good reason you propose DSU be reduced to a community college. I would like to hear your thoughts!

  2. South Dakota’s population is graying, there is nothing DSU is doing that can’t be done better at the post-graduate level in Brookings, Vermillion or Rapid City. Wyoming’s model of a stand-alone university and 25 counties makes six university campuses and 65 counties look frivolous. Besides, when the Black Hills Claim is settled and the tribes secede the state will look very different.


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