Friday, April 6, 2018

Rapid City Journal posts another therapeutic cannabis endorsement

The new and improved Rapid City Journal is running another Bismarck Tribune piece hastening North Dakota's cannabis industry.
Legalize ND is collecting signatures for a petition calling for the legalization of marijuana. If it gets on the ballot, voters will decide if the use, sale, possession and distribution of marijuana for anyone 21 or older should be legal. Whether the time it has taken to get the medical marijuana program in place will influence a vote on decriminalizing the drug is anyone’s guess. The Tribune believes the state was correct to make sure it got the medical marijuana program right. If the other marijuana proposal gets on the ballot we’ll see how strong residents feel about marijuana use.
Read it all here.

Another Lee-owned newspaper, the Missoula Independent, has announced its intent to join a news guild like the Rapid City Journal's sister paper, the Casper Star-Tribune has already done.

Your thoughts?

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