Thursday, April 5, 2018

More are homeless in South Dakota

There are 200 more homeless people in South Dakota this year or about 1159 so far in 2018.

Rapid City's homeless population is estimated at just under 400.
This is the first time that all 66 counties and nine tribes in the state have reported their homeless population, whether that number was zero or not. It's believed that has helped improve the accuracy of the count. [KOTA teevee]
Read more at The State of Homelessness.

How is creating a ghetto, tiny houses or otherwise, good for anyone? How are some 200 people with mental illnesses and diminished capacity living in close proximity going to generate incomes to feed themselves? After the 1972 Flood that wiped out Teepee Town and killed some 238 people, mostly poor American Indians, the feds gave Rapid City rent supports to house those displaced by the disaster.

Back in 2013, NPR's Planet Money reported on an experiment in Kenya.
The results from the study are encouraging, says Johannes Haushofer, an economist at MIT's Poverty Action Lab who was one of the study's co-authors. "We don't see people spending money on alcohol and tobacco," he says. "Instead we see them investing in their kids' education, we see them investing in health care. They buy more and better food." Getting money made people happier, less stressed out. [What Happens When You Just Give Money To Poor People?]
Veterans are refugees from combat. Under ethics-free Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard the state has the worst record in America in the housing of homeless veterans having over a sixty two percent increase in vet homelessness.

Expand Medicaid for these people then offer a $3000 stipend to those who qualify, more for families and veterans then encourage people to flee South Dakota's unforgiving winters.

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